Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break has begun...

No better way to start spring break than a fun little surf session last evening. While Anna was having dinner with a few friends, I was just a stone's throw away getting wet off 6th Ave. South. In my 15 years of surfing, I've never had any photos taken of me with a hi-end camera. Well, that was until last night. The surf wasn't all that great when I first got there, but the winds shifted and it started to clean up after about an hour. Shortly after, I noticed a guy with a camera on a tripod taking pics of me. He kept shooting for about 45-minutes, at which time I got out of the water. He approached me and graciously offered to email me the pics. The surf wasn't huge, but I was pretty stoked nonetheless to see the pics and how clear they turned out. The guy who shot the pics is Danny Robbins, who owns Danny's Quality Painting (843-446-5325), and does photography on the side. For any locals reading this, Danny is a stand-up guy, so if you're looking for a painter, pressure washing, or drywall repair, give him a call.

Anyway, here are some of the many pics he took...

Some different shots in sequence using movie maker...


Saturday, March 20, 2010


It feels like spring is finally here! Today it's supposed to get up in the low 70's so I'm trying to update the blog before too much of the day gets away from me. This past week, Kirby and I enjoyed entertaining our students.

Oh, the things we do for our students....

Kirby and Jon Hoffnagle (PE teacher at the Primary School) were asked to ref the elementary PTO basketball fundraiser game a few weeks ago. Kirby started to get some ideas of dressing up as "Billy Bob" and "Bobby Earl" characters.

He thought up the costumes and even some "skits" to do while they were reffing the game. They didn't tell anyone they were going to do it, so when the refs were introduced, this is what happened.


Of course they had to have a real ref (Andrew Baeli, one of Kirby's co-workers from last year)who could actually blow the whistle (since Bobby Earl and Billy Bob couldn't through their teeth).

The same day, I was trying to catch the St. Patty's Day leprechuan with my students. Mr. Leprechuan visited our classroom and we were all suprised to see what the sneaky lil' guy had been up to. The class came up with some creative ideas to catch him... be quiet, stand on our chairs, lock the doors, leave gold under the desks...


He even left us gold chocolate and a special note with "magic powder" to sprinkle in our applesauce.


We never did catch him. I guess we'll try again next year!