Sunday, May 11, 2014

First ER visit

Looking back... We might have jumped the gun. Thankfully, this story had a happy ending. 

Sunday, April 27, at around 2 o'clock, he woke up from his nap with rosy cheeks and sweating. I had a gut feeling he had a fever, but with plans of going to our first beach trip of the season, I prayed he was just warm from sleeping with his blanket too long. I took his temperature (which he still hates to do) and it was 102.3. We gave him some Tylenol with hopes it would bring it down quickly. 

We took him for a golf cart ride instead and even convinced him into a Popsicle and some ice cream. He was still pretty warm and once we got home his temperature was 101.8ish.  Shortly after that, he fell asleep on the couch, laying on me, for over an hour. As he slept, he started really burning up!!! He was sweating and still had red cheeks. We started to become really concerned so we checked his temperature again. 102.3. We called Kirby's mom and she said to watch it closely and if it went to 103 to take him to the ER. I think I had the same thoughts in my head too, but didn't think it would get to that. 

Only about an hour went by when he woke up with a fever of 103.5. So we gave him some Tylenol and quickly (and as calmly as we could) gathered everything up and drove to the ER.  Once we got into the car and started driving, my brain started going crazy! And our poor boy was pitiful looking. Yes. I cried.

Kaden doesn't think much of doctors so when he realized where we were he got pretty mad. They made him take his clothes off since he was so warm and hooked him up to the heart rate monitor (he thought it was the scoreboard at a basketball game, so he kept saying "buzzer beater")  They tried to calm him down by telling him it was just like a Band aid... wrong idea for our buddy.  He hates Band aids!  They checked him over and saw no other symptoms so we just had to wait for the ibuprofen to kick in and see if his temperature went down.  Within an hour or so of watching videos on the iPad it went down to 100.5 and we were able to leave the hospital.

We were told to keep an eye on the temperature and we'd probably start seeing other symptoms in the next few days.  They offered him a Popsicle and at 10:00pm, 3 hours after bedtime, he was a happy camper working on his 3rd wind.

Fever went down after about 3 days, but he was still battling the other symptoms almost a week later. We are grateful for a fairly "easy" first trip to the ER.  However, I do NOT want to go back again any time soon and I'm pretty sure Kaden would agree.  He ended up being out of daycare 4 days and went back Friday.  However, his fingers were slammed in an exterior door and I was called to come pick him up.  So he ended up missing a whole week of daycare.  That's another story for another post though...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hoppy Easter (creative subject, huh?)

Yay... 3 posts in a row! I've been using the blogger app, and as it's very convenient in the fact that I can blog anywhere, anytime... It is taking a little time to get use to posting pictures, sizing, and aligning things. 

So onto Easter! 
It was a great one! Kaden is at the age that he's getting into holidays more. He's talking about them, asking questions... And getting excited about them. The Easter excitement started when his Aunt Paula and Uncle Talan sent him the movie "Hop". We couldn't wait to pop it in and try to steer him away from "Frosty the Snowman" we were still watching in April. ;) Thankfully, it worked. He'll watch a good bit of the movie without getting up.  Not sure if that's worth noting at this age or not...haha. 

Easter Eve, we tried taking Kaden to see the Easter Bunny and they had to cut the line off. Poor Kaden (and parents) were so bummed. We explained to him it was the other kids' turn and that he had to go back to his home. We told him we'd come back the next day to sit on his lap. Kirby held him in his arms while he stared at EB and the other kids as they got a turn to take a picture with him. Broke my heart. Probably more than it did Kaden's. 

Easter morning was perfect. Kirby walked around the house helping him look for his basket from EB. Once he caught eye of his basket...he stopped... Gave a smirk under his pa-pa...and then ran over to it. He loved everything EB brought him. :) and yes... we made it back to see EB and Kaden (contrary to what the picture looks like) loved him.  He said "tank you" for the basket and trucks and even got a piece of candy. He didn't fuss or cry.  We didn't have to coax him into it or even sit with him in the picture. He was totally into it. 

Easter afternoon/evening we had our friends over for an egg hunt and dinner. 4 kids under 4 and 9 fun/exciting parents, grandparents, and friends. Chowed down on great food that everyone cooked and played with the kids. It was a perfect way to spend our Easter and Kaden had a blast! 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Runny nose
Watery/itchy eyes

We headed to the doctor today to double check that these symptoms were allergies and nothing else. Poor buddy can't sleep between the coughs and cries. 

Thankfully, it's nothing. He's got stuff going on in one ear but not an infection.  She did say it probably causes his some pain though so we started to give him some Tylenol along with Zyrtec to dry him up. Hopefully, it goes away soon.  

Ice cream always helps a trip to the doctor. Our big boy is finally starting to do better at the doctor. He'll finally sit quietly (after a few cries and yells) so we can talk to the nurse. And even let's the doctor check his chest and ears. Progress.... 

Monday, April 14, 2014

January-March 2014

....And once again, I start off by saying I'm trying to end the long break away from blogging. It's spring break and I have high hopes to write a few posts to catch up. However, a lot has happened since December and our boy is growing, developing, and learning like crazy! 
So... Let's get started where I left off. I want to be sure to get as much as I can in writing, so we have something to look back on. 

January (18 months)
  • after a little scare with red, swollen eyes while taking amoxicillin, it is now documented that Kaden's allergic to it. They aren't 100% sure but it was enough to not let him try it again. 

  • picky eater (and still is. Maybe even worse now)

  • took his love for trucks to the next level

February (19 months)
  • first ice cream cone thanks to an episode of Blue's Clues that played over and over again
  • after playing and learning all about football from Dad, he got a hand-me-down helmet from an old student of mine. He isn't too sure about wearing it though. He wore it long enough for me to snap a quick picture.
  • not sure when this began, but one of his favorite hats is his "cone hat". I couldn't even get him to take it off to go into the store. 

  • HCS was closed a lot during February due to bad winter weather, so that meant a lot of extra time on our hands. We even won free Chicfila for a year because of Kirby's mad song writing skills. 

*knew majority of the alphabet

  • 5 Little Monkeys nursery rhyme caused Kaden to say "Fall down. Bump his head." All the time! 

March (20 months)
  • 2nd "real" hair cut. Thank you lollipop for getting us through it. 
  • worked on his basketball skills (bending and pushing the ball up and in)
  • he's a "dipper" now. He likes to dip his food into sauces. Mainly, mustard. 

  • LOVES (I can't stress it enough) being outside! He likes digging in dirt, exploring in the yard, going for walks, looking for animals... 
  • talks about his friends at school all the time. Ellie. Brantley. Rose. Bennett. 
  • became more independent and tested his boundaries a lot more. Diaper changes were (and still are) either really easy (he tells us he pooped and he lays down to be changed) or it will be a hitting and kicking fight to get the job done.
  • He started hitting people and things this month (and again... still does) Usually when he's mad about something, tired, or he's playing around with us...trying to be funny. 
  • started talking more in short sentences ("momma go" "eat breakfast" "take a bath")

Currently (21 months)
  • wears 18ish month shirts and shorts/pants
  • size 5 diapers
  • talks in sentences ("Momma play with us, too." "I go outside") and a few times even had a conversation with us ("Hey, Momma. Whatcha doing? Momma pickin' weeds?")
  • uses "thank you" appropriately
  • very shy around people he doesn't know... Shy=won't talk to them and says "no" when they try to say hi to him
  • aggressive with his toys. Daycare even asked us about it. He hits them or uses another toy to hit them.
  • can identify and count the numbers 1-10
  • loves brushing his teeth
  • drinks milk from a sippy cup with a straw
  • loves breakfast, but lunch and dinner are a struggle (macaroni and cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, bread/toast, sliced/shredded cheese... and grilled cheese, ravioli, and hot dogs are a hit or miss)
  • bedtime is around 7:30.  This was with hopes of him sleeping in later.  Didn't work.  He's up between 5-6 every day.... closer to 5
  • sleeps with his "papa and mukey" at nap and at night
Hopefully, I can keep up with these posts. I know my family reads them and I want so badly to do it for Kaden and our family. I want to be able to go back to reminisce.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

hello? What we've been up to

I've been debating about leaving the blogging world lately (obviously... hence the lack of posts).  After not posting for over a month, I kinda missed it though.  I missed being able to go back and read things from the past.  And... I started to feel guilty that I wasn't keeping up with Kaden's milestones and big events for us to go back and look at together.  So, once again, I'm going to try blogging more often. 

To catch up... here are a bunch of pictures to document what we've been up to this past month.