Sunday, September 14, 2008

not a spelling bee champ!

Well Kirby has informed me that I have a lot of misspellings in the last post... oops! Sorry if it was hard to read or understand. I guess I was in a hurry to get something written since I hadn't in awhile.

We aren't up to anything different really. We are thinking about buying a new car. My Honda Civic has been sitting in the driveway for over 6 months now and needs jumped everytime we move it. We plan on getting it fixed soon, but we know it'll put a dent in our pockets. The Jeep isn't too bad now, but it's been making noises that Kirby doesn't like and with over 100,000 miles on it, it'll probably go soon.

We go invited to our friends' wedding in Costa Rica next June. I'm going to try and convience Kirby it's a once in a lifetime chance.... We should do it while we don't have kids... they are covering our room... So we'll see. Maybe we'll have a second honeymoon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanna hits the Kings

Hi everyone! I'm excited to get the blog back up and running. Kirby and I have been so busy and I haven't got a chance to update everyone. Here are a few things that have been going on.

  • School started 2 weeks ago. Kirby and I both have had a good start back at school, but haven't enjoyed getting up at 5:45 again.

  • We just bought new furniture with a lot of the money from our wedding gifts. THANKS EVERYONE :)

  • Tropical Storm Hanna hit Friday night at the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. School was cancelled Friday so we were able to "prepare" for the storm. We didn't have to do much though- bring in the grill, fix the mailbox post (which was loose) so it wouldn't blow away, and make sure we had flashlights, candles, and water & food. Luckily we didn't get bad effects. We had a lot of landscaping debri in the streets of our neighborhood, streets were flooded in Cherry Grove Beach (just down the road from us) and the power went out in a few areas of N.Myrtle Beach. We made it through our first storm together! Here is a picture of us on a walk before it hit that night.

  • Due to the storms (Hanna, Gustav) Kirby has been surfing a lot with his buddies. They have been going to Sunset Beach in North Carolina where the waves are better. And yes... he went out on the day that Hanna hit. He went that morning and had a blast! And of course- I wasn't surprised when he came home and told me he jumped off the end of the pier with his surfboard so he didn't have to paddle out through the rough surf! He's still a kid at heart! Here are some pics.

  • Kirby is working on our honeymoon. We are starting to think a lot about Hawaii. We'll see what happens with that though.

Well that's all we've got for now. (I'm sure there are things I've missed) I hope to do a better job updating the blog more often. Hope everyone is doing well!

We love you- The Kings