Wednesday, April 14, 2010

birthday party

Kirby and I were invited last Saturday at a 7 year old birthday party. Buddy (one of my students this year & a Krunch Kids the past 2 summers) turned 7 and had some kids from school and Mr. King and I at his bowling/pizza party! Of course Kirby couldn't resist the pizza and I was ready to show some first graders up in bowling... so we went. :)

Here are some pictures-

Kirby hurt his back earlier that weekend and couldn't bowl, but by the end of the party Mr. King had made a quite a few ponytails with a balloon for decoration in the girls' hair.

Friday, April 2, 2010

When the surf is flat...

Anna and I are still enjoying our spring break. It's been close to 80-degrees the past couple of days and the trend is supposed to continue. We hit the beach for most of the day yesterday. Got a little too much sun so we took today off. We were going to take a little drive up the coast today to Wilmington, NC, as Anna wanted to do a little shopping at a scrapbook store there. She's been getting into it more lately, and had a couple scrapbook sessions this week at different friends' homes. After calling the store, she learned they closed shop.

Soooooooo, we did what any couple would do after learning a scrapbook store 1.5-hours from home was no longer open... we went to one of the local surf shops and bought a longboard skateboard. OK, OK... I went to buy the longboard and my wife went with me. However, I think she was more excited about it than me. I had been looking at something called a Carveboard (sort of like a giant skateboard w/ inflatable tires) for a while. Just something to play around on to feed my surfing jones when the surf is flat. Supposedly, it's the closest feeling you can get to surfing on dry land. Downside is, you need big hills to get the most out of one, as all you basically do is carve back and forth down the hill (much like surfing or snowboarding). Since we don't have any real hills here at the beach, I figured a longboard would be a good alternative. Yeah, yeah... some of you are scratching your head and thinking "You bought a what?" "How old are you?" To that, I say, young enough to crack a grin when messing around on one :-)

To make it even more fun, Anna and I towed each other around the neighborhood with the golf cart. Even after Anna bailed and skidded face first down the asphalt (good thing she had on some protective gear), she got right up and had another go at it.