Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 months... and counting

We decided when we got married about 2 years ago, we would take the first 3 years of our marriage as "newlywed time". We wanted to spend time together and do some things we would not be able to do with children.

But just like any girl, I've got an itch... I even have a countdown.

Come on now... if you saw this... tell me you wouldn't have an itch!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

For the car guys out there...

After waxing for the first time...

We came, we saw, we lost it all...

Did a little gambling last weekend on one of the local casino cruises. We were up a couple hundred bucks at one point, but the last couple pics below will tell you how things ended up...

2-Weeks Down...

After 2 weeks of following the P90X diet guidelines, Anna and I are on a roll and constantly thinking of creative ways to eat 50% protein each day. For me, this 90-day excursion is more of an experiment than anything else. I used to always tell my clients I trained that the diet component of a fitness program was at least 50% of the equation. The last time we did P90X, I made it through 60 days before messing up my back (later to find I had 5 bulging discs after getting an MRI). In those 60 days I dropped 17 pounds (188 to 171) by following both the diet and exercise guidelines to a "T". My "experiment" for this time around is to just follow the dietary guidelines: month 1- 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fat / month 2- 40% protein, 30%carbs, 30% fat / month 3- 60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat. We are not following the P90X workouts. I'm simply going to take a sporadic approach and do whatever type of workout I want, as long as I work out 5 days a week (Anna hasn't gotten into the workout groove just yet). If things go like I think they will with the "experiment", I think the results will be close to what they were when doing the full-fledged P90X workouts. After 14 days, I've dropped 7 pounds (184 to 177) and Anna has dropped about 4.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teal Toe(s)

Why do I have one of my toes painted teal?

I'm helping to spread the word about ovarian cancer through Teal Toes (click the link to learn more).

*Teal is the ovarian cancer awareness color.

Why raise awareness?

* Too many women with ovarian cancer do not get diagnosed until their cancer has spread. Their survival rate is 45%.
* The survival rate improves greatly - to 93 percent - if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage before it has spread. Only 19 percent of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at this local stage.
* Approximately 75 percent of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage after the cancer has spread beyond the ovary.

So, if your toes are needing some end of summer paint, I recommend teal polish :) And if you didn't want to paint all your toes teal, how about one? I'm sure that'll get people asking...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

For the next 90 days...

we'll be on the P90X diet again.

No more of these...

But a lot of these...

Happy Birthday Tina

Today is my friend Tina's birthday! Some of her friends and I went to dinner last night at the Riverside Bistro in Conway to celebrate. We ate lots of food and laughed all night. It was a great time!

Happy Birthday Tina! :)

{Tina and I before we left for dinner}

{Holly & Tina's sister, Janie}

{All the ladies}

{Cindy, Tina, and I}

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Labor Day weekend

Kirby and I have been waiting for this long weekend since the beginning of school. ;) For me, it's been very hard to get back into a good sleeping routine, so it was nice to catch up on some z's over the weekend. Here are some pictures of our relaxing weekend.

NMBHS Cheifs Football Game

Our great neighbors, the Powalie's... dedicated band parents :)

We went shopping at a few surf shops around here looking for some new Sanuks.

Relaxed at the busy beach.

Enjoyed the awesome weather!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank you Earl...

Yes, we actually had a decent swell today. Unfortunately not near as big as the surf forecasts were predicting, but still fun nonetheless.

Anna stopped by after work with her camera and took a few pics and videos. I actually got covered up a little bit on this wave. If you pause it part way through you can see. Barreling waves are a rarity down here in these parts...