Friday, August 23, 2013

14 months

You are 14 months big boy!
Here's what you've been up to lately-
** Even though, we still don't go a day... or even a few hours without him pointing out or talking about trash cans, he's have added 2 new loves!  He's really into obsessed with a Elmo dancing DVD and books. 

**He loves... loves to be outside (also a new word he's been saying)!  He likes bug catching, playing with the water hose, exploring the rock beds, and recently... playing with the tree frogs in the back yard.  We have a straight-up BOY!

Some other "likes" this month:
1. "wrestling" with Dad
2. coloring
3. the sliding board at school
4. "driving" the golf cart

**He so badly wants to communicate with us.  He's been doing a lot of squealing and whining lately.  I think he's just doing his best to tell us what he wants/needs.
**a few new words: (lost count, but somewhere in the 20's)
up (repeated, upup)
He's also pretty good with shaking his head and saying, "no".  He can also sign, "all done" when he's finished eating and "more".  This has helped so much!

**He's up to 9 teeth now! 2 more bottom ones and his first molar.  It won't be long before we see the other 3 molars.  He's been drooling like crazy!

**He's in 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers.

**Officially transitioned over to the 1 year old room!  (holding back the tears) That means art projects and naps on mats!  This is huge folks!

**And with daycare...comes the sicknesses.  He started a with a runny nose at the beginning of the month.  Now he's finishing the month with strep throat and another virus.
**He's eating better with utensils... even though he still goes back to using his hands when it takes too long. 
 **He "jumps" like a frog and "runs".

Monday, August 12, 2013

happy anniversary to us!

5 years together as husband and wife!
We are going strong... actually stronger... with each passing year.
We were able to celebrate with some lunch at TBonz, while Kaden was at daycare.  It was nice to sit, relax and eat together (and know our baby was being taken care of too).  We sat at the window that looked over the Intracoastal Waterway, so that made us talk about buying a boat in the future.  It wasn't long after we got home that Kirby had a plan of which boat to buy and when we'll be able to buy it.  We'll see...

That evening, we finished celebrating with some ice cream on Main Street. 

Here's to many more years together!  I love you Kirby!

Frogs, snails and puppy-dogs' tails

That's what boys are made of!
He's livin' up to the saying... that's for sure!Frogs & Snails and puppy dog tails!
Kaden saw a frog (aka- Froggy) in the back yard last week and has been obsessed ever since.  He even learned how to "jump like a frog" when playing with his new buddy.  Which by the way is way too cute!  As soon as I get a good video, I'll post it.

Kaden trying to "jump like a frog" and the paparazzi parents trying to get a picture/video.
"Look guys, there he is again!" 

Friday, August 9, 2013

What we've been up to...

I thought I'd keep up with the blog better during the summer, but as you can see....
I haven't. :/
However, as I've said before... this is for Kaden, more than it is for Kirby and I now.
So here's what we've been up to-

**Golf carting all around town.  We sold our first golf cart... horrible day.  But what was even worse was going over a week without a golf cart until Kirby drove to Georgia (900 miles, almost 20 hours round trip) to buy us a new one.  I know that sounds crazy, but we drive our golf cart every.where in the warm months.  We drive our golf cart more than our car actually.

**We celebrated our buddy, Owen's, birthday... pirate style!

Right when we got there though, Kaden fell and got cut up pretty bad on his knee.  We are typically the "shake-it-off" kinda parents when it comes to bumps and bruises, but it wasn't that kind of boo-boo.  Poor guy wouldn't stop crying!  We cleaned him up and got a Band-Aid and he finally calmed down.  I tell you what though...he won't forget that!  He still points to the boo-boo if we ask him about it. 

**He's been reading books like crazy!  I need to get a video of him when he wants to read a book.  He whines a bit, holds the book out, and then turns around and backs his hiney into us and sits down.  Neither one of us can pass that cuteness up! 
**He's been playing outside a lot too.  He loves being out there... catching bugs, playing in the water, playing in the rain.  Feels like 100 degrees out... Who cares!

**Bought our big boy some new shoes!  How cute are they?!
**Finally got to go to Myrtle Waves with some friends.