Sunday, December 29, 2013

hello? What we've been up to

I've been debating about leaving the blogging world lately (obviously... hence the lack of posts).  After not posting for over a month, I kinda missed it though.  I missed being able to go back and read things from the past.  And... I started to feel guilty that I wasn't keeping up with Kaden's milestones and big events for us to go back and look at together.  So, once again, I'm going to try blogging more often. 

To catch up... here are a bunch of pictures to document what we've been up to this past month.



Friday, November 29, 2013

17 months

Tried something different this month-
He's growing and learning like crazy!  We can't keep up with everything.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

No ear tubes for this guy

We finally had ourselves mentally prepared for what we thought the ENT doctor was going to say about Kaden's ears (9 ear infections in about 12 months), so we were very surprised when we were told he was not a candidate for tubes.
I wasn't able to get more than this picture, because going to the doctor nowadays is torture... for all of us.  Kaden hates (strong word, I know... but very true in this case) doctors' visits!
(this was in the waiting room, before he actually knew where we were :/)
First, he had a hearing test and passed with minimal hearing loss (typical for a child his age).  Then, the doctor looked in his ears and said his ears looked great... not red, not inflamed, no fluid!!  We talked him through what the last year has been like for Kaden.  He wasn't quick to tell us anything about tubes, but instead looked at his ear again with another instrument.  And again... told us everything looked good (this all happened while restraining our child... told you he hated it).  He explained that the 9 infections that he's had could have actually be 2 or 3 looong infections that never went away.  He said sometimes it takes an ear infection 3 months to go away and often times ear infections are mistreated with antibiotics when that is not the answer.
So ultimately, he said he doesn't feel that Kaden is a candidate for tubes.... at this time.  However, he wants to be Kaden's primary doctor right now.  So next time he starts to have symptoms of sickness, specifically an ear infection, we need to take him to the ENT.  He wants to see his ears and learn more about them for himself. 
So... we will see how things go.  At this time, we feel good about the decision. 

All things Halloween

This is going to be the All-In-One Halloween post.
Everything Halloween related will be here. 
Last weekend we made it out to Howl-O-Scream at McLean Park.  It was a perfect time.  Kaden was comfortably dresses in his skeleton sweatshirt costume (only because he wasn't havin' any other costume) and got to have fun with all the Halloween themed activities.

A few days before Halloween, we decided to finally carve the pumpkin we bought the week before.  Just as expected, he really wasn't into it.  He actually ate a popsicle the first half and played in the dirt, near the driveway, the second half.  He did end up "helping" scrape the outside of the pumpkin clean... which was a little more than he did last year.  I'm sure next year will be even better.

The night of Halloween was great!  Kaden (once again, comfortably dressed in his sweatshirt) filled his bucket up at First Baptist's Trick or Trunk.  Since it was a confined space (the church parking lot), it was a perfect for our little adventurous boy!  He loved running around and dancing to the music.  And of course... getting a few pieces of candy. ;) I think the lollipops are his favorite.  We will definitely go back again next year. 

All throughout the week, he learned about pumpkins and celebrated Halloween at school.  He painted a rrick or treat box for his candy, made a pumpkin, carved a real pumpkin, and even went trick or treating around the school building with this friends.

Monday, October 28, 2013

16 months

Gosh!  We can't believe how fast he's growing and learning!

**Communication overload  He's talking and babbling stories all the time!  We'll often times overhear him "talking" to himself while playing.  He's repeating almost anything we ask him to say.  He says please without being asked sometimes.  Which by the way is the cutest sound ever!  Kirby and I can't say no to it.  We are working on Ma'am, Sir,  and thank you.

**first time out He's been testing the limits and exploring his independence a lot lately!  Therefore he had his first time out this month.  It's been from biting, hitting, and throwing things.  Thankfully, it hasn't happened too many times.

**sports  Football, baseball, basketball... anything with a ball.  He even imitates "calling the play" when playing football.  He yells "TOUCHDOWN!" whenever football is on TV.  Going to his first football game was a hit!

**climbing EVERYTHING!  It seems like overnight he grew tall enough to climb the couch by himself and then took off!  He's climbing toys (that aren't supposed to be climbed) and chairs and loves to climb everything at the playground. 


**bumps, scrapes, and bruises... it comes with the above I guess...  He looks so beat up sometimes!

**diaper changes  These got worse this month.  He doesn't want to be still for any sort of time.  We usually need to turn on Elmo or Shania Twain to help distract him. 

**Shania Twain  His new girlfriend.  Obsessed.  He will sit through several songs without moving.  This has helped in many situations (see above).  Thank you Shania!

**tubes This is the biggest thing this month.  He had another ear infection (double) and so we were referred to an ENT.  Our appointment is October 29, so we'll see what he says.  We have a feeling, after 9 infections, our little man will get tubes. 
**loves hats, trains, shovel, blocks, and still books


(...even at daycare... even things that aren't a hat)
**Other random things to remember
cute projects from school all the time

loves to play in the car


we shoes... new jacket... new clothes!  Our boy is growing!