Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

Kirby and I have had an exciting year together... and we can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us! It took me awhile, but I went through and picked out the top 10 memories (in no particular order) from 2010 to share via pictures (of course...) with you.
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Besides eating, singing (haha), and hanging out with friends this holiday season, Kirby and I took out the old picture albums and reminisced on some good times as kids. When my family all gets together, we seem to always bring up some of the same memories. This for example..

We had just moved into this house and so my parents had the old neighborhood families and kids over for a 4th of July swimming party. My friend Crystal and I choreographed a dance routine to some patriotic song, made matching shirts (obviously only certain people got to wear them), and forced (not really... they all willingly participated) our younger siblings to debut our hard work to all the parents in the front lawn.

Looking back on my role as a big sister... I wasn't very nice. My girlfriends and I always had our brothers doing some sort of dancing, dressing up in costumes, or playing school (on non-school days).

This would be one of those many times. I laugh every time I see this picture! Adam obviously didn't mind too much at that age. One of the memories he remembers clearly is when he put on my pantyhose (by his choice) and slid around on our bathroom floor to clean it.

Oh the memories...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some holiday cheer from a couple rock star wannabes

OK, OK, so we'll never be rock stars, but we still had fun making it, strobe light and all...

Christmas in NMB- 2010

Our Christmas this year was very relaxing! We spent a lot of time with our friends. Jon and Sam invited us over, along with some other families, to have Christmas Eve dinner and hang out by the bonfire. We had a good time chattin' and waiting for Santa to arrive.

{Jon and Sam Hoffnagle}

{All the kids tracking Santa online}

{Hoffnagle/Vince family}

{The girls- Maelee, Elly, and Keona}

On Christmas day, Kirby and I made homemade pizza and went to the movies with our friends. We went to see Little Fockers. It was funny :)

{My morning message from Kirby. Isn't he sweet?!}

Friday, December 24, 2010

goodbye Civic

A couple weeks ago we finally said goodbye to Anna's Honda Civic. It wasn't driven much over the past 3 years, used only on rainy days so I wouldn't have to drive mine in the wet. It had seen better days, as I spent quite a bit of time busting my knuckles fixing things getting ready to sell it... replaced the alternator and serpentine belt, replaced a busted brake line, installed a new thermostat, flushed the coolant, bled the brakes, changed the oil, and a few other small details. After a few weeks working on it, it was good as new (well, almost) and we ended up selling it quickly on Craigslist.