Sunday, May 16, 2010


Or you'll end up like this...

We've done it several times before, so it was bound it happen... we just didn't expect it to happen then. Our golf cart has been out of commission for a few weeks now and after many attempts at fixing the problem, Kirby finally got it fixed the other day. He was so excited to finally use it, so we went out Sunday night and I pulled him around on his long board.

This is how the adventure started out.

And you already know the outcome wasn't the best! Let me give you some more background. Kirby wanted me to slingshot him across the cul-de-sac like I've done before. I usually slow down a bit, but he'll usually tell me to go faster. This time I listened and went faster.... but I guess too fast. He couldn't make the turn and instead of crashing the board (he wanted to save it and not himself) into the curb and falling into the grass (which would have been less severe), he jumped off and (of course not able to run at about 15-20 miles per hour) rolled a few times on the pavement. I looked back just as he began rolling... and it didn't look good! He laid there for a few minutes in silence and then actually thought about getting back on the board and riding home!!

I grabbed the board (which by the way was left unscathed) and my big kid husband and drove home. We actually laughed on the way home about the whole thing, not knowing what we were in store for. When we got home, he iced his shoulder, hip, and wrist for about 20 minutes.

It was at this point, he realized he probably had a broken bone. He couldn't straighten his arm and was beginning to feel some more pain. We quickly got in the car and drove to an Urgent Care, but they were closed. That didn't help the night because we had to drive about 15 more minutes (which seemed like forever) to Grand Strand Emergency Room. The pain seemed to get worse the closer we got to the ER. As soon as he stepped out a few steps away from the car, he let out a very loud yell! He couldn't even walk because the pain was so bad. He says that was the worst pain he'd ever been in. He made it to the enterance of the ER and he felt it again. I got him a wheelchair which helped a little bit, but even as we waited he kept getting muscle spasms which made the pain come back.

...And after a few painful xrays, medication, and a hospital dinner of crackers, peanut butter, and orange juice, we found out he had broken his radial head (part of the elbow).

Tuesday, we went to the orthopaedic to get a cast... and with it came a little more bad news. Kirby asked the doctor to x-ray his shoulder because it was giving him problems and was painful. The doctor gave him some good news and bad.

1. head of the clavical/shoulder was broken also

2. no working out or surfing (or anything for that matter) for 12 weeks

1. both breaks are small and could be worse

2. no cast, just a sling

So here is Kirby today. He's getting used to sleeping upright, doing everything with his left hand, and so much more. I knew my husband was an active guy, but I was reminded again after this accident. The poor guy can't do much. We'll find out more in 3 weeks when he goes back for more x-rays. We'll update everyone again then!

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Rachel said...

aww poor Kirby! He looks so sad. Hope he heals fast!