Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Pushing "PLAY" (and a short PAUSE, unfortunately)...

...on the DVD player, that is. Anna and I are on the homestretch in finishing our 90-day round of P90X. Anna is now in Phase 3, and I should be starting it on Saturday. However, my back has decided to play tricks on me and is now keeping me from continuing (for the time being). I slightly tweaked it sometime last week (putting socks on one morning, of all things). I kept working out, though, when I probably should have taken a day or two off. It bothered me slightly for about a week, and then I re-pulled the muscle in it yesterday spotting my students doing gymnastics at school. So, yesterday was the first day in about 60 that I did not do a workout. As hard as it may be, I'm going to try and take the next 2 or 3 days off so my back gets sorted out. The workouts have become addictive, so I'm kinda bummed about having to do this.

Aside from that, the diet in Phase 3 is a big change from what it has been. Phase 3 is all about the carbs (consuming them, though, not staying away from them). I'm a little bit excited about eating lots of carbs, but a little nervous at the same time, as Phase 3 allows only a low protein consumption. The percentage breakdown of Phase 3 is 60% carbs, 20% protein, and 20% fat. I've been enjoying my diet in Phase 2, but I'm sure there will be lots of good stuff to be eaten in the last 5-week phase. Anna has been enjoying all of her food choices since beginning the phase.

Prior to the back mishap, the workouts have been rolling right along, as well. I've dropped 15lbs total, and have stayed at 173lbs for the past week. If I had to guess, my body fat is probably at about 8 or 9%. By the end of Phase 3 I'm hoping it will be about 6-7%.

Best of luck to family and friends Paula and Talan, and Rachel and Ben! They started P90X this week. "Keep pushing play"!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks for your help!

I asked some friends and family to help my class with a project. We are collecting postcards from all over the country. We are learning how to read maps, understand and use map keys, cardinal directions, regions of the US, differences in cultures around the world.... and many other things!
Anyways- here is what we have so far. My kids and I are very excited with the turn out so far.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out!
We aren't finished yet though, so we'd love to get one from you too!

North Myrtle Beach Primary School
c/o Mrs. King's class
901 11th Ave. N.
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patty's Day Parade

Nothing like the "Purple Army" (all my Jackson friends) but... I'm still proud of NMB!

A student from my class- we were so excited to see each other!

We even decorate our golf carts for parades!

Close up and personal. Sorry if you don't like clowns...

I'm sure this wasn't everyone's favorite part. So much controversy is going on with motorcycles and Bike Week around here.

It was a cold, wet morning, but we did enjoy our first NMB St. Patty's Day parade together!

Kirby and I really enjoyed this part.

Friday, March 13, 2009

And the challenge continues...

We're still "bringin' it". Anna and I are in Phase 2 of the P90X program and we're moving right along. We still haven't missed a beat and have been dead-on with our diet and workouts. In phase 2, our diets are now comprised of 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats. Anna is consuming between 1700-1800 calories per day, and I'm maintaining 2,300 calories. Upon entering Phase 2, last week I was able to eat pasta and marinara sauce for the first time since starting the program and have eaten it every day for dinner since. Anna has enjoyed having pasta, as well. We figured out it takes between 150-182 strands of angel hair (depending on the brand) to equal one serving. Yeah, yeah, we know... it sounds crazy to count out 182 pieces of angel hair before cooking it, but hey, we're not messin' around here. We're counting EVERYTHING! As the saying goes, do it right, or don't do it at all.

The workouts are still going great, as well. After today I will have completed 6 weeks (7 more to go). Anna has finished 7 weeks and is now in her 8th (she got a head start on me as I came down with strep throat right when we were both getting ready to start). My weight is now down to 176, 12 below my starting weight of 188. If today were the last day of the program, I would still be pleased with the results. I'm stoked at the fact that I'm still not halfway through yet. We're both excited to see what the full 90 days will do for us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here are a few more pictures from this weekend!
We had a great time and hope they come back soon!

Waiting in line at Nascar Racing-

... she's dangerous! She doesn't even have her drivers license yet!

This was right after Kirby figured out his foot was on the brake pedal. (no sweetie... it wasn't out of gas)

Kailee's ready for round 2 of bowling!

Tryin' to get a smile from Josh and his friend Charles.

Kirby looks pretty happy considering I just beat him in bowling (well we are tied 1 to 1).

Saturday, March 7, 2009


"Rye Doubt These Dorm!"
"Rye Doubt These Dorm!!"

It was crazy at our house last night. Shelley (my sister-in-law) and our niece and nephew came down to visit this weekend. We had dinner (of course....chicken and veggies) and then hung out and played Mad Gab! It's our new favorite game to play with friends and family. I would explain it- but it's better to just watch!

It's a beautiful day here, so we are going go-carting with them this afternoon.
More fun from this weekend to come!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Still Bringin' It...

Just a little P90X update... Anna and I haven't missed a beat thus far in our 90 day fitness challenge. We are both now in phase 2 of the program. What we thought was going to be torture (specifically the eating part), has become second nature. It is actually kinda fun charting what we eat every day. We have found that by doing so, it takes the guess work out of "what are we going to eat tonight?" Prior to starting this, once we got to the point of asking each other that question, more often than not we'd end up settling on fast food or eating out somewhere. Now, we pretty much know what we are going to eat well before it's time to eat it (thanks to In sticking with the plan, we have not consumed anything (other than a few tic-tacs here and there) outside of our diet. Not even a sip of soda. I believe this is the longest I have ever gone without any. The workouts are going well, too. We have not missed one since starting. In weighing myself after 4 weeks, I've dropped 10lbs, from 188 to 178. If I had to guess, I'd say I've lost about 11-12lbs of fat, and have gained approximately 1-2lbs of lean muscle. Thus far, Anna has lost 5lbs, dropping from 124 to 119. She is very excited, as her "6-pack" is starting to show. She has lost about 1-2 inches off her waist, as well. Until next time...