Sunday, September 30, 2012

meetin' the family (part 1)...

Kaden, Anna, and I had been anxiously awaiting this weekend for quite some time. What a great weekend we all had, as many of our family visitors were meeting our little man for the very first time! My mother and sister flew in from Oakland, Maryland, brother and sister-in-law from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and sister, niece, nephew, and nephew's girlfriend drove in from Charlotte, NC.  Kaden's grandpap was "here" with us, as well, as we know he was looking down and smiling from above!
We knew they'd all be bringin' the love, but man, did they ever!  Anna and I just kinda hung back and let everyone else have their time with him over the past 4 days.  He knew they were family because he took to everyone right away!  He showed his true colors by busting out the smiles and doing LOTS of "talking".
We are so thankful they all took the time to travel and be here together like this!  What great memories we made, and one's that Kaden will be able to look back on when he's older!  We love you, family!  Kaden says he can't wait until he sees you all again!

Meeting at our house before going to pick up grandma Frani and aunt Sherry from the airport...  

Picking up grandma and aunt...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

first fort

I love the weekends... and now more than ever before!  We love spending time with our little man!  It seems like he's growing so quickly and we want to soak up every moment/memory we can with him. 

Last weekend, while I was doing something in the office, I overheard Kirby and Kaden talking to each other.  Then I thought I heard Kirby start talking about making a fort.  Of course, I grab my camera... excited for what I think I'm going to see...
Yep... in the living room... my boys hanging out together... under their first fort.
I'm in love.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

3 months old!

If you don't want to read through this whole post, just click on this picture and get a summary of Kaden at 3 months old.


We're happy to report that we don't think his little strawberry is growing.  Actually... we think it might be shrinking a little.  Thank goodness! 

Dad and Kaden jumped on the scale together last week to find out our little man is about 13.5lbs now!

He's able to put himself to sleep in his crib at nap time and when he first goes to bed.  We are working on doing it in the middle of the night though. 

0-3 months and a few cute 3 month things that I can't help but put him in.

Mrs. Appleby was finally able to stop by and hang out :)

Mama's milk and a few sucks of some good old h2o.  I think he's starting to come out of the spit up stage, too (oops, nevermind... the past few days he's proved that wrong).

As all the ladies are learning at daycare, he loves eye contact.  Making faces, talking, smiling...whatever.

Dad's voice.  He loves his mama... but when he hears his dad's voice, his eyes light up and he has the biggest grin!
Anything soft in his mouth... blanket... burp cloth... towel. 

still not a fan of having gas... but who is, right?
being hungry... again, who likes being hungry... not me.

things to remember
1. Dare I even say this... but I think we are finally finding a "routine".  I'm a "planned out, routine, scheduled" kinda person, so having a baby has taught me that I can't always be that way.  However... I'm seeing some more routines starting to form... and even though I know they'll change and we'll need to constantly make new ones... I'm happy to see I might just be getting the hang of some things.

2. He's starting to mimic people- blowing bubbles, talking, and a few laughs out loud

4. He's been able to go outside more now that the weather isn't as hot.  At daycare, they are taking buggie rides and hanging out, watching the older kids play on the playground.  On the weekends, we are able to get out and take walks around our neighborhood, too.


5. Recently, he's really started exploring his hands and fingers again.  
5. He's losing his hair on one side... I like to refer to it as the "side mullet".
Party on the left.  Business on the right.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kaden's 1st guitar lesson...

Before he was born, Kaden had no choice but to listen to dad play almost every day.  Now that he's here, he loves it!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Caden meet Kaden

Our little man shares a similar name as one of our Krunch Kids... Caden.  When thinking up names one day while driving down HWY 17, we pretty much decided on the name Kaden, and figured we'd call him Kade for short (although we've yet to call him that).  We then realized that was the same name, although spelled different, as Caden's.  Knowing what a respectful, talented, athletic young man Caden is, that solidified our decision even more.  Caden thought it was pretty cool our Kaden was in part named after him!   

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Eden!

Kaden's buddy, Eden, had his first birthday party this weekend!  We were all excited to celebrate poolside with him, his family and friends.  His mom pulled out all the stops too with cute themed decorations, food, and favors!  

It was Kaden's first experience in the pool too and boy did he like it!  It won't be long until that boy is jumpin' in and splashin' all around by himself!

{how cute are those little shorts?! come on!}
I sat out and watched the boys from the side since my body didn't magically turn back to what it was like pre-pregnancy isn't quite ready for a bikini yet.  Next summer though... we'll be hittin' up the beach... all 3 of us! 

We had such a good time with the birthday boy and all the babies!  It's neat to think that our children will grow up together and probably go to many more parties for each other in the future!

{Terra and Eden, the birthday boy}

{Maggie and Bess}

{Hadley & Jennifer}
{Banks & April}


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The vocabulary of a 10-week old...

"Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah." (0:04-0:12)  "I love you. Yeah.  Like that." (0:51-0:57)  "Oh yeah.  OK.  OK!!!" (0:58-1:03)
...well, maybe not exactly, but he's getting close :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

first time to the beach

We knew Kaden just had to like the beach...right?  He did!!!  Wohooooooo!!!!...