Saturday, September 22, 2012

3 months old!

If you don't want to read through this whole post, just click on this picture and get a summary of Kaden at 3 months old.


We're happy to report that we don't think his little strawberry is growing.  Actually... we think it might be shrinking a little.  Thank goodness! 

Dad and Kaden jumped on the scale together last week to find out our little man is about 13.5lbs now!

He's able to put himself to sleep in his crib at nap time and when he first goes to bed.  We are working on doing it in the middle of the night though. 

0-3 months and a few cute 3 month things that I can't help but put him in.

Mrs. Appleby was finally able to stop by and hang out :)

Mama's milk and a few sucks of some good old h2o.  I think he's starting to come out of the spit up stage, too (oops, nevermind... the past few days he's proved that wrong).

As all the ladies are learning at daycare, he loves eye contact.  Making faces, talking, smiling...whatever.

Dad's voice.  He loves his mama... but when he hears his dad's voice, his eyes light up and he has the biggest grin!
Anything soft in his mouth... blanket... burp cloth... towel. 

still not a fan of having gas... but who is, right?
being hungry... again, who likes being hungry... not me.

things to remember
1. Dare I even say this... but I think we are finally finding a "routine".  I'm a "planned out, routine, scheduled" kinda person, so having a baby has taught me that I can't always be that way.  However... I'm seeing some more routines starting to form... and even though I know they'll change and we'll need to constantly make new ones... I'm happy to see I might just be getting the hang of some things.

2. He's starting to mimic people- blowing bubbles, talking, and a few laughs out loud

4. He's been able to go outside more now that the weather isn't as hot.  At daycare, they are taking buggie rides and hanging out, watching the older kids play on the playground.  On the weekends, we are able to get out and take walks around our neighborhood, too.


5. Recently, he's really started exploring his hands and fingers again.  
5. He's losing his hair on one side... I like to refer to it as the "side mullet".
Party on the left.  Business on the right.


Aunt Shelley said...

Happy 3 months precious Kaden...we love you and can't wait to see you next week!!

Jennifer Beck said...

He is just beautiful...I'm so happy for you all! I'm very big on routine too, so I did my best to get both of my kids on one very early! Of it would change as needed, but it was easier for me to adjust a schedule than have none at all! Love to all three of you!!!

The Hudson's said...

I can't believe he is already 3 months old! They grow so fast, it is really kinda sad! Thanks for stopping by our blog and praying for our little guy!!!

Robyn said...

He has the most awesome hair ever! I love it!

Can you believe our little guys are already 3 months old? We're 1/4 of the way through the first year - what?!

Kim Brown said...

Happy 3 months Kaden!!

Jess said...

So sweet!! We have a 3 month old (July 1) who is SO similar to Kaden! It's always fun to find other blogs with same-aged babies...I can't wait to follow along and watch our boys grow together!! The pictures with Kaden's hands (and blankets) in his mouth could be Cam...that's all he loves to do now!! You mentioned that he has gas - poor little Cam does, too, and it's not getting much better yet :( Poor little guys....