Saturday, September 1, 2012

2 month shots, oh no!

Our poor little man had to get his 2 month shots on his 2 month birthday (which happened to be the day before school started...bad idea).  I told the nurse how nervous I was and how I'd probably have to leave the room.  Nope.  She said she makes all her moms stay in the room.  She said it's good for them.  She said I needed to be in the room for Kaden.  So I did.
Dad held Kaden's arms down while he got prick after prick after prick.  We Kaden made it through with a few screams and some tears, but with a quick feeding afterwards, he was good to go. :)

That night though... different story.  He screamed like we had never heard before.  His leg was swollen, red, bruised, and hard.  We took his temperature... 99.2.  We gave him Tylenol and it didn't calm him down.  Even feeding, didn't work.  Being first time parents, we were worried that it wasn't "normal", so we called the doctor.  He eased our minds though and told us it was all okay. 
It was our first day of school the next day, so we panicked as we tried to figure out what we were going to do the next morning if he had a temperature or didn't feel well enough to go to daycare. Luckily, we have great friends and had them lined up just in case.  The next morning things were great though, and the day went off without a hitch. Thankfully his pain didn't last long.
 Lesson learned though... don't schedule your child's shots the day before an important event. 
Now we have the 4 month shots to look forward to... yay ;)


Linds said...

shots are the WORST. It's even worse when they're old enough to KNOW before you go... then you have to start bribing :)

basebell6 said...

i'd have to say doctors visits in general are THE WORST. even if it is a well visit and there are no shots involved, blaine screams from the minute we pull into the parking lot until we leave. he was awarded the "worst patient in the practice" title. no joke; grandma works there.

the screaming and fever story was scary but glad kaden is OK now!

Robyn said...

I haven't ever gotten used to the shot visits! My oldest is 3.5 years and I still dread them! I will agree -the older they get the worse they get. I'm DREADING having to tell my daughter before her 4 year appointment that she's going to get shots! Cooper did well with his 2 month shots - he never got a fever, but he experienced lack of appetite?! Our sheet said it was a common side effect, but it freaked me out! Luckily he's back to normal.