Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Yes, I know it's Thursday.  I had every intention to post this yesterday- had it all ready to go and everything, but... between everything at school and home, I didn't.


I had a ton of pictures from my phone that I wanted to be sure made it on the blog.  A few random snapshots of our daily lives.

Here's my Wordless Wednesday...or, ummm... Thursday.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Extreme Home Makeover King/Romper Room/Home Gym Edition

With a bouncing baby boy, we knew sooner or later we'd have to do something about our home being entirely floored in ceramic tile.  We love our tile, but protecting our little guy comes first.  Instead of carpeting or using large area rugs, Kirby came up with the idea of interlocking foam mats, about 700 square feet worth to do the living room, dining room, and Kaden's room.  I didn't like the idea at first, but now I'm glad we did it.  It's only temporary and Kaden is now free to go anywhere he wants in those rooms without any worries.  Plus, he loves it!


During the process, we decided to convert the front room of our home into a gym/office.  The gym was previously set up in our garage, but to make working out more enjoyable and to be closer to Kaden, inside it came.



Sooo... 9ish weeks ago, some friends and I from school started the Couch to 5K (c25k) program in preparation for the North Myrtle Beach Winter Run.  I wouldn't consider myself a "runner", but I really enjoyed doing this with my friends from school.  We encouraged, supported and kept each other accountable for the workouts.  Saturday, all our hard work was put to the test. 
We met at Susan's house before the race to prepare, and of course, take a few pictures.

Everyone did awesome!  My ultimate goal when we started the c25k was to just finish the race, but it quickly changed as I pushed myself.  Every run prior to the race, my time improved, so that morning I just wanted to get my personal best time.  I did.  28:57 :)
Teachers from school and a parent of one of my students
Way to go NMBP!
What's a running race without pancakes afterwards!  We all went to Golden Griddle on Main Street to pig out on breakfast food.

 We are pumped up for future races!  It's just the start of this NMBP team... watch out! haha ;)



poor sick baby

Mr. Tough guy is finally getting over a list full of illnesses.  Last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he slept 8 or more hours at night.  I should have known something was up when that happened, right? ;) 
Anyway- around Tuesday he started to have a runny nose and a cough at night.   Wednesday morning, he woke up rubbing his watery eyes, coughing, sneezing... everything on his face was red and puffy.  I ended up taking the day off and staying home with him.  I figured it was probably another cold (since he's had several of those) but started to worry a little more as the afternoon went on.  I always question whether or not to bring him to the doctor, but the pitiful little boy just needed to be checked out.  Thankfully they saw him that day. 
-ear infection
-possible sinus infection
1 breathing treatment, 1 prescription, and 20 questions later we walked out.
Of course, I came home and Googled "Bronchiolitis".. bad idea.  With a little TLC from Mama and Dad he's been getting progressively better with every day.  Everyone goes back to work/school tomorrow.


Friday, January 25, 2013

7 months

Mom and Dad agree... this month Kaden's personality really started to shine through.  I might have said that in a previous month post, but it's even more so now.!  For sure!
Strong willed.
Happy and smiley :)

Well... Kaden spent most of this month sick with a cold.  Running nose...cough...congestion.  I guess that just comes with being in a daycare.  Thankfully, he's finally feeling better. 
2 of them, actually.
Tooth #1 came through on December 30, and then a few weeks later, #2 came through.  His doctor said it won't be long until we see the top ones, too.  And if drooling is any sign... it'll be sooner than later.

Night:  He's finally sleeping longer stretches, but not through the night.  He usually goes to bed between 6-7pm (only because he can't stay up any longer... he's a grump when he gets home from daycare) and wakes up anywhere between 11-2 for a 5oz bottle.  Then, he's back up again between 4-5:30 to play and sometimes eat (which usually turns out to only be a 3ish oz bottle)

Naps: Most of the month, his naps were sporadic and inconsistent.  The past week or so though, the ladies at daycare have been working with us to help get him on a nap routine.  Thankfully, it seems to be working a little bit.  The biggest battle is the evening nap now.  Kirby picks him up around 4:00 and comes home to feed him and put him down for a nap.  However, it's not that easy.  He usually fights it for awhile (probably because he's over tired, since he normally doesn't take an afternoon nap at daycare).  At that point, it's hit or miss on the duration...either 1/2 hour or 1+ hours.  We are trying to be consistent in our routine and hopefully that'll help him.

diapers: size 3- but I might have jumped the gun a little early.  He probably could have stayed in 2's for awhile longer, but it seemed to be rubbing on his thighs and making them red.  So, I guess he'll just have a lot of room to grow.
jammies: 9 months
other clothes: 6 or 9 months

He drinks about 25oz of formula a day.  He's still eating pureed fruits and vegetables.  He's kinda picky about fruits, but pretty much loves all the veggies.  We started giving him "puffs" and a sippy cup of water in the afternoon... which he loves.  At first it was more a toy, but not he's starting to get the hang of everything.

2 words... Guitar. Water.
Loves... Loves... Loves.... both of them!  He could be in a knock down, drag out fit (yes, he does have those) and if we ask him where his guitar is and bring it down to play... golden.  Calms him right away.  Same with Water.  We can't even walk past the sink without him trying to fly out of our arms and over our shoulders. 

Biggest dislike this month is taking an evening nap...which goes with being overtired.  Both things don't make him happy.

things to remember
*Saying Da-Da and making lots of new sounds (da, ma, fa, ba)
*Using a toothbrush
*He's becoming a pro at arching his back when he doesn't want to do something... lay down, get his diaper changed


Thursday, January 17, 2013

6 month well visit

6 month stats:
(date: 1-11-13)

Weight: 16lbs 10oz
Length: 27 1/4 inches
Head Circumference: 17.5 inches

He's growing and developing just as he should!  Yay!  He took his shots like a champ this time.  He let out a whimper for the first one and then cried for about 20 seconds for the second one.  What a champ! :)

*A sweet story we want to remember from that appointment-
As soon as the second shot was over, Kirby picked him up to calm him down and Kaden blurted out in a clear, strong voice, "DA-DA".  It was so sweet!
 photo DSC_2200_zps4fdaac98.jpg
 photo DSC_2202_zps07678d21.jpg

cleanin' my toofers

Now that our big boy has 2 teeth, the doctor told us to go ahead and start brushing them.  So about a week ago, we added it to our nightly routine.  Of course, he loves it, because he loves to put anything in his mouth. 
 photo 1_zpsd0f46afe.jpg

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

beep beep

I knew this day would come... the day Dad bought our son his first car.  However, I didn't think it would come this soon.  A few days before Christmas, Kirby decided to buy him a Porsche Carrera GT (well, not quite a real one).  Right now it is too big for him to drive himself (it's meant for 2-5 year olds), but that's okay... it's also remote controlled. 

He seems to like it already, so he'll probably have his Dad's same love for cars as he grows older.


ready for spring!

The past few days have been a spring tease!  We played with our friends, went to the park, and did work outside with Dad this weekend... definitely not a typical day in January.