Friday, January 25, 2013

7 months

Mom and Dad agree... this month Kaden's personality really started to shine through.  I might have said that in a previous month post, but it's even more so now.!  For sure!
Strong willed.
Happy and smiley :)

Well... Kaden spent most of this month sick with a cold.  Running nose...cough...congestion.  I guess that just comes with being in a daycare.  Thankfully, he's finally feeling better. 
2 of them, actually.
Tooth #1 came through on December 30, and then a few weeks later, #2 came through.  His doctor said it won't be long until we see the top ones, too.  And if drooling is any sign... it'll be sooner than later.

Night:  He's finally sleeping longer stretches, but not through the night.  He usually goes to bed between 6-7pm (only because he can't stay up any longer... he's a grump when he gets home from daycare) and wakes up anywhere between 11-2 for a 5oz bottle.  Then, he's back up again between 4-5:30 to play and sometimes eat (which usually turns out to only be a 3ish oz bottle)

Naps: Most of the month, his naps were sporadic and inconsistent.  The past week or so though, the ladies at daycare have been working with us to help get him on a nap routine.  Thankfully, it seems to be working a little bit.  The biggest battle is the evening nap now.  Kirby picks him up around 4:00 and comes home to feed him and put him down for a nap.  However, it's not that easy.  He usually fights it for awhile (probably because he's over tired, since he normally doesn't take an afternoon nap at daycare).  At that point, it's hit or miss on the duration...either 1/2 hour or 1+ hours.  We are trying to be consistent in our routine and hopefully that'll help him.

diapers: size 3- but I might have jumped the gun a little early.  He probably could have stayed in 2's for awhile longer, but it seemed to be rubbing on his thighs and making them red.  So, I guess he'll just have a lot of room to grow.
jammies: 9 months
other clothes: 6 or 9 months

He drinks about 25oz of formula a day.  He's still eating pureed fruits and vegetables.  He's kinda picky about fruits, but pretty much loves all the veggies.  We started giving him "puffs" and a sippy cup of water in the afternoon... which he loves.  At first it was more a toy, but not he's starting to get the hang of everything.

2 words... Guitar. Water.
Loves... Loves... Loves.... both of them!  He could be in a knock down, drag out fit (yes, he does have those) and if we ask him where his guitar is and bring it down to play... golden.  Calms him right away.  Same with Water.  We can't even walk past the sink without him trying to fly out of our arms and over our shoulders. 

Biggest dislike this month is taking an evening nap...which goes with being overtired.  Both things don't make him happy.

things to remember
*Saying Da-Da and making lots of new sounds (da, ma, fa, ba)
*Using a toothbrush
*He's becoming a pro at arching his back when he doesn't want to do something... lay down, get his diaper changed



Bridgett said...

He is so cute! The last picture is my favorite!

Jess Norden said...

Such a sweetie!! I cannot believe how fast they are growing...teeth, real food - before we know it, they'll be walking to us! ahhhh!