Friday, August 9, 2013

What we've been up to...

I thought I'd keep up with the blog better during the summer, but as you can see....
I haven't. :/
However, as I've said before... this is for Kaden, more than it is for Kirby and I now.
So here's what we've been up to-

**Golf carting all around town.  We sold our first golf cart... horrible day.  But what was even worse was going over a week without a golf cart until Kirby drove to Georgia (900 miles, almost 20 hours round trip) to buy us a new one.  I know that sounds crazy, but we drive our golf cart every.where in the warm months.  We drive our golf cart more than our car actually.

**We celebrated our buddy, Owen's, birthday... pirate style!

Right when we got there though, Kaden fell and got cut up pretty bad on his knee.  We are typically the "shake-it-off" kinda parents when it comes to bumps and bruises, but it wasn't that kind of boo-boo.  Poor guy wouldn't stop crying!  We cleaned him up and got a Band-Aid and he finally calmed down.  I tell you what though...he won't forget that!  He still points to the boo-boo if we ask him about it. 

**He's been reading books like crazy!  I need to get a video of him when he wants to read a book.  He whines a bit, holds the book out, and then turns around and backs his hiney into us and sits down.  Neither one of us can pass that cuteness up! 
**He's been playing outside a lot too.  He loves being out there... catching bugs, playing in the water, playing in the rain.  Feels like 100 degrees out... Who cares!

**Bought our big boy some new shoes!  How cute are they?!
**Finally got to go to Myrtle Waves with some friends.


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Paige said...

It's so hard keeping up with a blog with little ones. I totally understand! Look how big he is! Bryar has that one certain boo boo spot that he remembers too!