Saturday, October 15, 2011

pregnancy purchases

Pigs are flying somewhere because Kirby went shopping today for 7 hours!  He scored himself a lot of things for school... shoes, pants, shirts, some things for spirit week.  I got myself a few shirts plus a few pregnancy related things... stretch mark cream (we'll see if it really works) and a journal to write to our little apple seed.  I want to document everything throughout this journey, but some things will be too personal to blog about, so I hope it use the journal for that.


Linds said...

I used a lotion for stretch marks that isn't made anymore but I do know it smelled a lot better than palmers. Although most of my research concluded that stretch marks are (a)genetic and (b)come from internal stretching thus there's not much that lotion will do to stop them. Lotion does help the itching that you get from a growing belly though, so lotion up regardless :)

Tami said...

That is great that you got a journal. It's so fun to document everything because you forget so quickly. I had some Palmer's but I honestly only used it about 10 times and I luckily didn't get any stretch marks! :) I think it really is genetics! Hope you're feeling well!

Kat said...

yay! I bought that cream too initially and ended up being allergic to it :( I just used really thick lotion.