Saturday, May 5, 2012

week 33

4 weeks and Kaden is full-term!

About the baby? He's the size of a honeydew or pineapple.  Gosh!!  He's a little over 4 lbs and he's starting to open his eyes when he's awake now.  Holy moly folks... there's a baby inside me!

Maternity Clothes? I bought a few more maternity tops last weekend and I pray that gets me through these last weeks.  However, I wore one of the new shirts Monday and my principal told me I was going to have to break down and get some new maternity tops.  HA!  I told her I had just bought that one...

Stretch Marks? no, but the way I feel like I'm stretching, I'm surprised I don't!

Gender? boy

Movement?   Yes, lots of lower jabs that sometimes startle and hurt me.  I don't mind though ;)

Sleep?  I guess it's not too bad. I'm still getting up to use the bathroom (sometimes 3-4 times a night), mixed with the tossing and turning, charley horses, hands falling asleep.... but really it's not too bad ;)

Food Cravings? nothing

What I Miss?  laying on my back... ahhhh... I'd love to do that right now!

Symptoms? stretching, hot, tired, still snoring, back aches, and a new one... acne

Best Moment This Week?  working on Kaden's room.  Kirby did most all of the work though and I just gave my opinions.  We still have some decorations to put up on the walls but I love it and can't believe we'll be putting our son to bed and playing on the carpet together in there very soon!

Looking Forward To?
-Our appointment on Wednesday
-A baby shower for Kaden at school


Audra Kelly said...

Cute blog! And congrats on the new baby!
I am visiting from Kelly's Korner. I grew up in Conway---my family is still there! I graduated from CCU with an early childhood degree We live in TN now but make it back there about 3 times a year.

natasha {schue love} said...

It's all getting so close and real now isn't it? Super excited for you!! :)

Amber @ Luv and Laughter said...

I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I live about 30 minutes from Canton, OH and my in-laws live in Conway, SC. I love the beach and can't wait to move there someday! Congrats on the baby.

Jenna E said...

We are starting the nursery today! J has been painting up a storm. I can't believe your principal told you to buy more maternity clothes. What did she say when you said you had just bought that one? So funny