Friday, November 23, 2012

5 months

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

Congestion, congestion, congestion.  Poor guy just can't get a break.  He handles it pretty well, except this last round.  He's been a lot more fussy and needy the past week or so.  We think we are starting the teething phase.  Maybe?

We go back to MUSC next Friday to have his hemangioma checked out.  They'll just make sure it's not growing and still not affecting his eye sight.  We are pretty confident that it's fine.


Oh sleep... what's that? Joke.

Still not sleeping at daycare. Everyone says it gets better... including the ladies that work with him, but it hasn't. Sometimes he'll sleep for only 45 minutes (2 hours, at most) from 7:00am until we pick him up, around 4:00pm. As you can imagine, it makes for a tough night too. And no... he doesn't sleep longer at night since he's so tired.
At night.  Well... at his 4 month appointment, the doctor said he should be sleeping longer stretches and that he's probably waking up by habit.  Kaden must have heard the doctor, because shortly after the appointment, he started to sleep 5-6 hour stretches.  But... it didn't last long.  At. all.  He started waking up every 3 hours again and as much as I wanted to listen to the doctor, (and get more sleep myself) I really felt he was legitimately hungry, so I would feed him when he woke up.  I'm pretty sure he is going through a growth spurt right now.  So as of today, he's still waking and eating every 3ish hours.  And just like everything else, I question everything about it.  Is this a habit?  Should he be getting more to eat during the day?  Should we start giving more solids?  Should we put rice in his bottle, like everyone tells us to? (which we tried a few nights... and it didn't seem to work)  Is he really hungry?  Should we let him cry it out?

 -size 2 diapers
-he's in mostly 6 month clothes


 Still getting mama's milk, but during the day it's all from the bottle.  I don't know if it was my structured, organized, crazy, obsessive personality, but playing a guessing game with the amount of milk he was getting was driving me crazy!  Especially when I was trying to figure out if he was waking up in the middle of the night to eat or by habit.  So... now he gets 5-6 bottles (5oz each) during the day and then I nurse him 2-3 times in the middle of the night.
The newest thing in the diet department is solids!  We know he's ready because he moves his mouth and sometimes smacks his lips together when he sees us eating and grabs for our food and silverware at the table.  However, he isn't really sure what to do with the food once it's in his mouth.  So even though we are feeding him the food, I'm not sure how much he's actually eating.
He's tried:
1. rice cereal (Oct. 21)... not a fan.  Made him constipated too.
2. avocado (Nov. 3)... we think he likes it.
3. sweet potatoes (beginning of November)... again, we think he likes it.
4. peas (Nov. 21)... his favorite, so far.

+mom and dad's singing- specifically, "Wheels on the Bus" and "You are My Sunshine"
+being naked
+playing on mom and dad's bed

+when mom and dad don't read my mind to know what's wrong
+being overtired
+being constipated
+rice cereal
+getting stuck on his belly in bed and being too tired to roll over (don't worry we don't let him sleep with blankets anymore)

things to remember
+sleeping on his belly
+We think he's starting to teeth... not sure though.
+He loves drinking water from our cup, so we tried a sippy cup.  He is stubborn though and only wants it from our cup.
+Poor guy is rockin' a crazy do right now... his hair is falling out on one side and in the middle of the back and pretty much thinning out everywhere.

+Still grabbing and putting everything in his mouth!


Robyn said...

Girl - I can totally relate to you on the stress of SLEEPING! With LL, she was sleeping through the night by now. Coop has slept through the night once (and I was a nervous wreck!), but hasn't done it again. Just like Kaden, I think he's legit hungry (so obvs I get up and feed him). I'm so over it, but I do NOT know what else to do! They won't be 16 and still getting up at night, right?? ;)

Hopefully it'll get better for both of us soon!

Southern Wifey said...

what do you mix the rice with? I know when we started our son on it with just mixing water he tended not to like it in the bgeinning. when we would mix it with some formula he took to it much better. now we just mix it with whatever veggie or fruit he is eating that day.
just thought id share :)
the sweet life of a southern wife