Tuesday, September 24, 2013

15 months

I don't even know where to start this month.  Things have been too crazy to blog lately, so I'm really behind (I sound like a broken record...sorry) on posting what's been going on.
This month has been full of:

1. temper tantrums
This has been a trying month for Kirby and I.  Parenting is a tough job I tell ya!  We aren't sure if it's a phase, something he learned at daycare, or something we are doing TOTALLY wrong, but he's had some major anger issues this month.  It's been a lot better lately, but about a week ago when he wouldn't get his way... right away... he would throw things or pull our clothing, push and/or scream.  Daycare said he might be seeing it from his peers.  He's also in pain from teething.  So who knows.  Like I said, it's not as bad this week so hopefully it was a short phase and it's over. ;) Pray.

2. sign language
He knows 4 signs.  He uses "please" most often.  If we remind him to "say please" or "use your manners" he'll rub his chest (the sign for "please").  We love it!  He also knows "more", "all done", and "eat".

3. climbing
He loves climbing on things....anything he can.  He may or may not have tried climbing on the dining room chair and it fell over onto him.  He may or may not have learned his lesson.  He didn't.
{TP is a lot safer, right?}

4. talking
Goodness gracious!  He's talking up a storm.  We thought last month was full of words, but his vocabulary has exploded this month.  A few new words I can think of that are pretty consistent are: ear, bear, water, E-en (Eden, a friend), Tis-ta (Christa, teacher from daycare), Elmo, bathtub, moo (moon), up, truck, helicopter, airplane. 
{practicing flash cards is a new favorite game}

{reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear}

5. doctor visits
Not surprising, right?  Since I've been bad at documenting things, I'm not 100% sure, but I think we've seen the doctor 2 times this month.  The first time was for herpetic gingovastomotitis.  Don't google it.  Trust me.  Basically it's kinda like "hand food mouth" and causes cold sore type blisters.  He had them on his gums, tongue, lips, chin, chest (from drooling), and even his eye.  Having it on his eye was the scary part.  The doctor said if it spread to his eyeball, it could possibly cause permanent vision damage.  Luckily, it never spread.  It was highly contiguous though, so we had to keep him out of daycare for a week.  This was the first full week of school for us, so it was not the best timing for Kirby and I.  Thankfully, everything cleared up nicely though.
The 2nd trip to the doctor was last week when he wasn't acting right and had a temperature of 100 at daycare.  I came and got him early and Ms. Christa told me she saw mucus in his stool.  That evening he had diarrhea and more mucus.  His temperature went up too, so the next day I took him to the doctor.  He didn't really put a diagnosis on anything (besides the beginning of an ear infection), but thought it could be an intestine infection causing the diarrhea and mucus.  He just finished the antibiotic and feeling much better. 

6. love for his friends/toys
He's been showing a lot of affection to people and toys lately... giving them high fives and hugs, sharing with them, kissing them.  It's so sweet!

7. Elmo
He's still watching the same Elmo video, he now has an Elmo toy (thanks Daveena), and even went to an Elmo birthday party (which was way cool... and I'll blog about that in a separate post).

8. learning animals
He knows so many animals and even knows how to make some animal sounds.  The pig sound is probably the cutest.  I wish I had a video.  He scrunches up his nose and sucks air in and out of his mouth.... not quite making the snort of a pig. ;)

9. teething
He finally got the top and bottom molars on one side, but we are still waiting on the other side.  His little gums are swollen and he's drooling like crazy, so hopefully it'll be any day. 
10. hats
He loves hats!  Uncle Talan and Aunt Paula have helped contribute to the obsession... 2 of his hats being OSU ones.


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