Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SURPRISE! 2 more ear infections

At the end of September, we took Kaden to the doctor for (what we correctly assumed) another ear infection.
Then today... a little over 2 weeks later... not even a week off the medication... he's back with a double ear infection!
Poor guy.
While at the last visit, the doctor said we'd have the "tubes" talk if he started to have a winter like he did last year.  Well... since we barely made it to the next month, we had the talk today.  She is referring us to an ENT doctor to hopefully get him some help.  We weren't 100% sure we liked the idea of putting tubes in his ears, but after hearing several personal stories from our family and friends (Thank you, Facebook!), we both think getting him tubes is the route we are going to take.  Don't get me wrong... we are nervous for surgery and aren't excited about having to be cautious around water (hello... we live at the beach!) But, we know it's best for him.
I guess we'll see what happens next...

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Sally said...

Poor guy :(( But dang he is just the cutest, snuggliest-looking little man even when he's not feeling so great! xo