Monday, April 14, 2014

January-March 2014

....And once again, I start off by saying I'm trying to end the long break away from blogging. It's spring break and I have high hopes to write a few posts to catch up. However, a lot has happened since December and our boy is growing, developing, and learning like crazy! 
So... Let's get started where I left off. I want to be sure to get as much as I can in writing, so we have something to look back on. 

January (18 months)
  • after a little scare with red, swollen eyes while taking amoxicillin, it is now documented that Kaden's allergic to it. They aren't 100% sure but it was enough to not let him try it again. 

  • picky eater (and still is. Maybe even worse now)

  • took his love for trucks to the next level

February (19 months)
  • first ice cream cone thanks to an episode of Blue's Clues that played over and over again
  • after playing and learning all about football from Dad, he got a hand-me-down helmet from an old student of mine. He isn't too sure about wearing it though. He wore it long enough for me to snap a quick picture.
  • not sure when this began, but one of his favorite hats is his "cone hat". I couldn't even get him to take it off to go into the store. 

  • HCS was closed a lot during February due to bad winter weather, so that meant a lot of extra time on our hands. We even won free Chicfila for a year because of Kirby's mad song writing skills. 

*knew majority of the alphabet

  • 5 Little Monkeys nursery rhyme caused Kaden to say "Fall down. Bump his head." All the time! 

March (20 months)
  • 2nd "real" hair cut. Thank you lollipop for getting us through it. 
  • worked on his basketball skills (bending and pushing the ball up and in)
  • he's a "dipper" now. He likes to dip his food into sauces. Mainly, mustard. 

  • LOVES (I can't stress it enough) being outside! He likes digging in dirt, exploring in the yard, going for walks, looking for animals... 
  • talks about his friends at school all the time. Ellie. Brantley. Rose. Bennett. 
  • became more independent and tested his boundaries a lot more. Diaper changes were (and still are) either really easy (he tells us he pooped and he lays down to be changed) or it will be a hitting and kicking fight to get the job done.
  • He started hitting people and things this month (and again... still does) Usually when he's mad about something, tired, or he's playing around with us...trying to be funny. 
  • started talking more in short sentences ("momma go" "eat breakfast" "take a bath")

Currently (21 months)
  • wears 18ish month shirts and shorts/pants
  • size 5 diapers
  • talks in sentences ("Momma play with us, too." "I go outside") and a few times even had a conversation with us ("Hey, Momma. Whatcha doing? Momma pickin' weeds?")
  • uses "thank you" appropriately
  • very shy around people he doesn't know... Shy=won't talk to them and says "no" when they try to say hi to him
  • aggressive with his toys. Daycare even asked us about it. He hits them or uses another toy to hit them.
  • can identify and count the numbers 1-10
  • loves brushing his teeth
  • drinks milk from a sippy cup with a straw
  • loves breakfast, but lunch and dinner are a struggle (macaroni and cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, bread/toast, sliced/shredded cheese... and grilled cheese, ravioli, and hot dogs are a hit or miss)
  • bedtime is around 7:30.  This was with hopes of him sleeping in later.  Didn't work.  He's up between 5-6 every day.... closer to 5
  • sleeps with his "papa and mukey" at nap and at night
Hopefully, I can keep up with these posts. I know my family reads them and I want so badly to do it for Kaden and our family. I want to be able to go back to reminisce.

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