Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hoppy Easter (creative subject, huh?)

Yay... 3 posts in a row! I've been using the blogger app, and as it's very convenient in the fact that I can blog anywhere, anytime... It is taking a little time to get use to posting pictures, sizing, and aligning things. 

So onto Easter! 
It was a great one! Kaden is at the age that he's getting into holidays more. He's talking about them, asking questions... And getting excited about them. The Easter excitement started when his Aunt Paula and Uncle Talan sent him the movie "Hop". We couldn't wait to pop it in and try to steer him away from "Frosty the Snowman" we were still watching in April. ;) Thankfully, it worked. He'll watch a good bit of the movie without getting up.  Not sure if that's worth noting at this age or not...haha. 

Easter Eve, we tried taking Kaden to see the Easter Bunny and they had to cut the line off. Poor Kaden (and parents) were so bummed. We explained to him it was the other kids' turn and that he had to go back to his home. We told him we'd come back the next day to sit on his lap. Kirby held him in his arms while he stared at EB and the other kids as they got a turn to take a picture with him. Broke my heart. Probably more than it did Kaden's. 

Easter morning was perfect. Kirby walked around the house helping him look for his basket from EB. Once he caught eye of his basket...he stopped... Gave a smirk under his pa-pa...and then ran over to it. He loved everything EB brought him. :) and yes... we made it back to see EB and Kaden (contrary to what the picture looks like) loved him.  He said "tank you" for the basket and trucks and even got a piece of candy. He didn't fuss or cry.  We didn't have to coax him into it or even sit with him in the picture. He was totally into it. 

Easter afternoon/evening we had our friends over for an egg hunt and dinner. 4 kids under 4 and 9 fun/exciting parents, grandparents, and friends. Chowed down on great food that everyone cooked and played with the kids. It was a perfect way to spend our Easter and Kaden had a blast! 


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