Friday, November 19, 2010

t-shirt, anyone?

Soooooooo, I was bored one day and decided to start up a t-shirt shop online, catering to Lotus car owners/enthusiasts... not expecting to make any real money, just trying to have a little fun with it and add a bit of variety to the less than mediocre selection that's currently out there. So far I've designed about 80 different shirts. Almost all of the "lineup" is centered around the quote "Simplify and add lightness" by Lotus founder Colin Chapman. His philosophy in car design was to make them as light and agile as possible instead of relying on horsepower alone. That philosophy paid off, as Lotus dominated the racing scene in Chapman's heyday.

Here's the link to the shop (just in time for all your holiday shopping needs :-)... In case anyone out there in the blogging world wants one, use coupon code SHOPEARLYUS to get free shipping in the US.

My amateur (and yes, a bit cheesy :-/) attempt at some "promo shots" I'm using to advertise on some websites...

The man behind the brand...

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Amber said...

I saw your comment on Lindsey's blog, Lovin' my Life about finding out about other bloggers in your area, so I hopped on over and saw that you were born in Canton. I live in Wooster. And then I saw that you now live in North Myrtle Beach. Which we are headed there tomorrow, the in-laws live in Conway and we hope to move there one day. Love the blog too.