Sunday, February 24, 2013

8 months- WHOA!

We are getting closer to the 1 year mark and we just can't believe it!  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home asking each other "So.... what do we do now?" as we stared at him laying in his crib for the first time.  Now, 8 months later, we are still figuring this parenting thing out... as our little baby is growing into a big boy!


We started the month off with a mess of sicknesses, but the past 2 weeks (and hopefully many more) have been much better.  He still battles congestion and cough at night.  We've been using a humidifier for awhile now, but just stopped last weekend because it hasn't seemed to help much.  We also started giving him an allergy medicine (per the doctor's orders) to see if that helped clear some of it up and it really hasn't either.  So... we just don't know what to do.


Nothing new in the sleep department.  Still taking about 2 naps at school, usually around 30 minutes to 2 hours total.  He'll take another 30 minute to an hour nap when he gets home and then he'll go to bed around 7:00.  He's been waking up between 11 and 2 most nights and then again around 5-5:30ish.  He'll drink 5oz and then go straight back to bed.  He's usually up for the day between 5:30 and 6:30.  It's not the best schedule... and yes, he's a grouch when he's tired, but we've started to just get used to it (but wouldn't mind if it got better soon.. ha).

He's all over the place.  It depends on what it is and where it's from.  He's in size 3 diapers during the day and I think I'm going to try size 4 for the nighttime.


He's upgraded to a bigger bottle this month.  He started finishing bottles (5oz) and was getting angry because there was nothing left.  We were still using the Medela 5oz bottles, so we had to try something new.  It didn't take too long for him to get used to the new ones and now he chugs it down like a champ.  The flow is a bit faster than he's used to, so he usually ends up with a chin full of milk...

-all his toys, but more so... the things that aren't really "toys"


-being in confined spaces- see picture below.  By the end of our little photo shoot (which wasn't really the end for me, as I didn't get all the shots I wanted) he had rolled over and was trying to figure out how to get out of the basket.  I have a feeling we are in for some fun/interesting times with this independent boy.
-He started having a little separation anxiety this month.   Most of the time it's in the evenings when he gets home from daycare.  It's cute, but makes it hard to do anything around the house. 

things to remember
1.  pointing- not sure where he got this from, but he loves sticking up his pointer finger
2. crawling- video here
3. going from sitting, up to his belly
4. says- mama, dada, baba, vava, nana and lots of other noises words... oh, and a lot of high pitched screeches

5. Looks like our boy has brown eyes... we'll see if they change some more.



Jess Norden said...

What a little man...why are they growing up so fast? Cam always holds his pointer finger up, too!! Weird!!! Oh my gosh...8 is this happening so quickly?!

Robyn said...

I can't believe how fast these boys are growing up! We're getting to such a fun age with them, though. I remember with LL thinking that 9 months and 18 months were some of my favorite ages.

I love how he was pointing his little finger - so cute!