Monday, February 25, 2013

Ripley's Family Fun Run

Kirby's school participates in the Ripley's Family Fun Run in Myrtle Beach (part of the Myrtle Beach Marathon festivities) each year.  We were excited to have our family participate!  Kaden had a great time looking around and taking in all the new people and places around him.


After the race, we were invited to eat some pizza and walk through Ripley's Aquarium.  As we waited our turn to enter back in the Aquarium, I was trying to think about how I was going to take pictures inside.  I have 2 lenses in addition to my kit lens, but still don't feel comfortable taking my setting off "auto" yet.  So I asked a lady next to me (who had a nice camera with a "fancy" flash) to give me some tips for taking pictures inside.  She helped me out (even though we didn't walk through because our little guy was too tired) and then snapped a picture of our family together!  I love the in-the-moment look of the photo and Kaden's happy face.

 I can't believe that next year Kaden will be able to walk/run the race with us!


basebell6 said...

The picture of the three of you is soooooooo cute! And I don't think I've ever seen Kirby's hair so long!

Jenna E said...

You all are too cute for words! Uhhmmm and I can just picture Kaden running along next year, it makes me weak!! So adorable