Sunday, May 26, 2013

11 months- just 1 more month, eek!

Look at this boy!  He's growing so much!

Started the month off with the stomach bug again and now he's got the "daycare crud"... runny nose and a little night cough.
We are starting to get use to the "daycare crud" though.  I guess it just comes with the territory.

Ever since the stomach bug, he hasn't been the same.  He was waking 2 times a night, once to feed, earlier this month.  Thankfully, we are down to 1 time a night... usually somewhere between 2-4am.  Then he'll wake up and suck a bottle down about 6:00am when we are up for the day.  We are hoping for better sleep patterns this summer (more specifically, 3 weeks from now when school gets out).

-9 month shirts, but I put a few 12 month shirts on him, too
-He's in 9 month shorts/pants, but a few 6 months things can fit him  
-size 3 diapers
-size 4 1/2 shoes (sometimes wide, depending on the shoe)


loves being outside... park, beach, driveway, golf cart... anything

A few random things he obsesses over loves:
-car keys (little does he know that it's a ploy to get him in his car seat)
-ceiling fan
-kitchen dishes and pans
-opening the kitchen cabinets
-mailbox- we go outside, he always points and "says" he wants to visit the mailbox
-lawn mower

The only thing that makes him mad is being in his car seat too long.  And when I say "too long" I mean longer than... 5 minutes. We sing to him, play peek-a-boo, talk with him, give him a bottle or pacifier... nothing seems to work.  Everyone said it would get better once we turned him facing forward, but it only helped for about a week.  I think the novelty wore off quickly and he's back to hating it again. BUT... he loves riding on the golf cart.  Who knows?!
Oh wait... spoke too soon.  He also gets very angry... like full blown temper tantrum... when he walks with his train and bumps into things and can't move anymore.  Oh goodness gracious!  We don't know if we should walk away or just stand and laugh.  Wow.

things to remember
figuring out how more things work (ie- trashcan, washing machine, lights, drawers & cabinets)
shoe shopping
his "vocabulary" has expanded too- wish we had a video of him "talking"
walking like crazy with his train


...aaand we're done.


Robyn said...

Goodness - he looks so BIG! Where did our babies go?? And I still LOVE his hair - it's awesome!

katie ridings said...


Kyndal said...

Blows my mind that your little dude is almost ONE! I feel like you were just sporting a baby bump the other day. He gets cuter and cuter by the day!