Monday, May 6, 2013

throw up & diarreha

I know... great title right? 
It's what we Kaden had to deal with for over a week... and finally might be out of the woods now!

Poor guy threw up at school 2 Friday's ago and I picked him up and took him to the doctor.  The doctor we saw said it was the stomach virus and gave him medicine to help with the vomiting.  He threw up just a few more times, but then the diarrhea came on... full force.  Several times a day.  Poor baby's butt was raw and red.
NEVER has this happened in 10 months!  He's just way to active to lay down and fall asleep like this!
Tried the BRAT diet
learned new things while staying home with Mom and Dad
made tents
washed lots of yucky laundry

Everyday we thought he was ready to go back to daycare and then he'd have a huge blow out... or not act himself... or (after he finished the medicine) throw up again.  So we took him back to the doctor this past Friday and had her reconfirm our Dad's thoughts that everything was okay.  Thank goodness... he was just on the mend from the week long stomach virus.
read lots of books

played peek-a-boo

 For the most part, you would have never guessed he was sick.  He acted like nothing was wrong.  Our boy was a trooper! I think it was all a ploy to stay home with Mama and Dada all week.  Don't worry buddy... we LOVED the extra time with you!

He's pretty much back to normal... so he went back to daycare today and it was back to work for Mama and Dada.


Robyn said...

That is so sad!!! Hopefully these babies will be over sickness for a looooong time!

Jess Norden said...

Oh no!! I am so glad he's feeling better...I am actually home with Cam today because he threw up last night and this morning. :( I am hoping it's just 24 hours - not a week!! Poor baby and poor parents!! I'm sure you loved the extra cuddles though ;)