Wednesday, June 26, 2013

12 months

We can't believe we are parents of a one year old.  One. (head shake) Can't believe it.

He had a sinus and ear infection.  It wasn't the worst he felt or acted, but he sure did look bad.  Poor guy's eye was so swollen.  Luckily, it cleared up in a day or two though.

We also went to MUSC to have his hemangioma checked too. (here)  Everything still looks good and we don't go back for another year. Yay!

Naps- we've been able to get him down to 2 naps... a morning and afternoon.  Usually one of them is pretty long... 1.5- 2 hours.  He's never been a great napper and an hour nap was great... so this has been a big change for us.

Night time- well... he still sleeps through the night, but not soundly.  He wakes up 2-4 times crying and/or whining throughout the night.  I'd say about half the time he can put himself back to sleep.  The other half the time, I'll need to lay him back down (he's usually standing up on the side of his bed) and give him a pacifier.  A small percentage of the time, he'll need to be rocked back to sleep. 

9-12 month clothes

size 3 diapers (maybe moving him into 4's soon)

4.5 in shoes
(I forgot this section the past 2 months)
He drinks 4, 8oz bottles of cold milk throughout the day including 3 meals and a snack (usually when we're out and about).  The meals usually include foods such as: cottage cheese, yogurt (his favorite), some stage 3 fruit and vegetables (he won't eat the "real" adult version though), applesauce, toast, cheerios, crackers and anything we are eating (but it has to be when we are eating it). 
We hope to get him off the bottle soon.  We offer milk from a sippy cup during meals and he'll usually drink a sip or two, but nothing more.

-removing things from any container (drawer, cabinet, box)

-pushing things (vacuum, mower, basket, train)
-car keys (specifically the lock button... and our neighbors aren't too happy about it, I'm sure)

-thermostat (don't know why...??)

-fishing net- He loves to use it at the beach, but plays with it at the house too.  He and Dada walk around outside and try to catch bugs.

-trash cans

-golf cart

-car seat- we don't know if we'll ever travel with him.  It's been better this past week, but he almost always fusses at least once during a trip... even if it's to WalMart (less than 5 minutes from our house)

-not getting what he wants- when he wants to be picked up and we don't or if we take something away (like the car keys to start the car)

Other than that, he's a pretty happy guy :)
things to remember
He's been following some commands.  Some that come to mind are:

"Take your pacifier out."
"Give that to me, please."
Sit down." and "Stand up."
"Put this in the trashcan."
*He's been babbling a lot this month!  Sometimes he even sounds like he's having a conversation. We think he might be saying "golf cart" and "trashcan" too.
*First hair cut (here)
*Walking- he walked a handful of times last month, but hasn't really done much by himself lately.  UNTIL the day before his birthday.  He went all out and walked on his own!


Mateya said...

Can't believe our boys are ONE!!! Time sure flies! Isn't it so funny to see them walking?! I love it!

Robyn said...

Yay for these boys being ONE!!! Kaiden is absolutely adorable! I still am so in love with his hair!

katie ridings said...

Happy one year birthday :)!!!! so exciting :)