Monday, June 17, 2013

hemangioma check-up

We had Kaden's hemangioma check-up last week in Charleston.  Since our last appointment, we hadn't noticed it as much and even thought it might have shrunk, so we weren't too worried.
We planned everything out right for our departure.  We left right around nap time so he'd sleep a good while.  And he was out like a light...
Once we got there, we were called back and had to have his eyes dilated before the doctor could check some things.  Then we waited and played while the eye drops did their job.

"Okay... I'm ready doc!"

Passing some more time while we waited for the doctor.
The longest part of the appointment was waiting for the doctor and for Kaden's eyes to dilate.  After, that it was a quick report... the hemangioma wasn't any bigger and still wasn't effecting his eyesight.  Thank goodness.  We won't have to go back for another year!

Then it was back in the car seat for the long drive home.  By the time we made it back, everyone was ready to get out of the car!

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Stephanie said...

My 4 mo has a hemangioma on his eyelid, too! We call it his winky eye. I'm so thankful to hear someone else's story. It's like, I know it's fine, but the crazy-first-time-mom voice in me keeps saying it could get worse. haha

I just found your blog and I'm definitely following it now!