Sunday, December 2, 2012

doctor. doctor. give me the news....

2 Fridays, 2 doctors.
Our poor sick buddy has been fighting a cold for awhile now and so when he started pulling & tugging on his ears I wanted to make sure he didn't have an ear infection.  We called as soon as the office opened Friday, (the day after Thanksgiving) and got in right away. 
We had to wait too long, so we passed the time with PAPER!  Who would have thought paper could be so much fun!  Kaden was occupied with his new toy until the doctor came to check his ears.  One ear looked fine, but he couldn't see far enough down the other ear because of the earwax.  So... he scraped it out!  I tell ya... Worse.than.shots!  Poor baby screamed when he scraped it out.  And not just once... but twice!  Thankfully, we ended the appointment with the good news of no ear infection. 

Then, this Friday, we went to MUSC for Kaden's check-up on his eye.  Last time we visited (last visit), things looks great so we just had to make sure it still wasn't affecting his eyesight.  Thankfully, he passed all the vision tests and the doctor said it more than likely won't grow. 
Yay for good appointments!


Robyn said...

That's so great that his hemangomia hasn't gotten any bigger and most likely won't! LL's just got so big that it's going to take FOREVER for it to go away.

It's got to be a relief to know that his vision isn't suffering, either! And, honestly, it is totally not noticeable at all - at least it's not big and red!

Mateya said...

Good news about the eye! sorry to hear about his cold. We've been struggling with that for WEEKS! It seems like it's getting better and then it's back again.

Anything you've tried work to help?