Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Kirby and I couldn't wait to start celebrating the holidays with our boy this year!  Even though it was his first, we wanted to start some traditions and be sure to make it special (of course he wouldn't know otherwise, but he'll be able to look back at pictures... and that'll say a lot, right?).
Here is a picture story of Kaden's first Christmas Eve-
lots of playing and relaxing with Mama and Dad
poor boy wasn't himself at all... at the time, we weren't sure exactly what was wrong, but we thought it could have been a tooth coming in (we were right... more on that later)

yet... still smiled through the pain :)
enjoying some water... or just the rubber top
Dad making a pizza- A King family tradition
our big boy helping to make cookies for Santa

quick family picture
finding out where Santa was before going to sleep
setting out the cookies he helped make and some milk for Santa
Mama and Dad peeked after Santa left.... only to find out that a certain baby must have been pretty good!
opening gifts on Christmas Day 5:30ish am- Round one

getting pretty tired... or maybe the clothes Santa brought him were too boring... who knows?!
Yay!!!... Santa and Richard the Elf ate the cookies!

a little play time before nap

after a nap, we started a second round of presents
Santa couldn't fit one of Kaden's gifts on his sleigh, so it's being delivered this week- Porsche Carrera GT ride-on car that's also remote control.  The Hot Wheels car was a warm-up for the big one.

the rest of the afternoon, we played with the new gifts Santa brought

 talking with Grandma Frani about how to set up her camera so she could Skype with him
 tryin' out my new big boy highchair
 remembering Grandpap with a lit candle

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Kyndal said...

So Anna, I have to tell you that a couple of nights ago I had a dream that I met you! Well, we didn't TECHNICALLY meet, but apparently Brett and I decided to take a trip to Myrtle Beach. We were just walking down the street, and you and Kirby came driving by. I started waving like crazy and was yelling at Brett, "That's my blog friend ANNA!" (I'm sure he thought I was as crazy in my dream as he sometimes does when I talk about blogging in real life. Ha!) It made me think, far is Atlanta from where y'all live?!? ;)
Also, is that an OKC Thunder jersey I spy on your little guy??? You KNOW I love to see our home city represented! Thunder Up Kaden!
So glad you had such a special 1st Christmas as a family of three!