Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well I started this blog hoping to put pictures and updates as often as possible. If it wasn't for our computer being messed up- I probably would have written 2 more times. We have had computer troubles and we just found out that something has been deleted off our computer that allows us to upload our pictures. Anyways- Kirby's going to look at it and hopefully fix it.

Until then- I'll give a short update. I went shopping (5 1/2 hrs. worth of shopping!) yesterday and bought a few things. (which I took a picture of.... ) I bought the materials to put together some gerber daisy pens to use for the guestbook. Here is an example of what it'll look like.

I also bought a cardbox, tablecloths, and some materials to finish up our programs. Here is photo of what the programs will look like. (of course the real pics will have to come later)

My project I'm working on now are necklaces for my bridesmaids. I found a picture online awhile ago and decided I was going to make them. It's not too hard, I'll just have to watch a lot of TV shows while I make them!
More to come when the computer is fixed.

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