Saturday, February 11, 2012

stroller shopping with the Kings

How much fun can first time parents have shopping for a stroller?
Well... we definitely had a good time! (the laughing snort and trying to talk between laughing should prove how much fun we had)

Originally, we liked the Chicco KeyFit 30.  Our friends had one and they really liked it.  Plus, it fit in the FJ Cruiser and it had good reviews.  But...when we went to the store today, we weren't sold on the stroller that went with it.  We started to look at the Safety 1st combos and eventually gave up because we couldn't figure out how the carseat attached to the stroller.  (It wasn't just us either.  Another couple came along and tried and couldn't figure it out either.)

Soo... we think we have our minds on the Baby Trend Expedition ELX now.  We'd love some feed back on what other people have, what you wish you would have known before buying, or any tips or advice you could give us.  Thanks in advance!


Paige said...

I really like that stroller, a lot!!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

we have the uppababy vista, its a little pricey but it folds super easy, its really light to lift into the back of the suv and the seat has lots of options as far as recline foreward and back facing, also the maneuverability is great as far as sharp turns and tight spaces we even cart him around the house in it too haha we literally use it multiple times a day! I don't regret the purchase at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I'm a friend of Kirby's from the beach. I could probably talk strollers forever, but here's what we did. We actually didn't buy a stroller system due to bulkiness. Instead we bought one of those strollers that holds an infant seat, a Maclaren umbrella stroller, and the BOB. The Maclaren was great once the babies were able to sit it it because it's so slim and easy to maneuver. It's about the size of an umbrella stroller but much sturdier. If you or Kirby are big into running you definitely should look into the BOB. We bought the Revolution due to it's swiveling front wheel AND you can take it on the beach. If you have any more questions just ask away. I'm also on FB. Good luck! I know shopping for everything is a bit of a daunting task, but fun nonetheless! Hope you're feeling well!
Nikki Svejda

Linds said...

People probably consider me a stroller snob. I guess I may be, but I tend to be of the camp that the stroller is one of those baby items you will use ALL THE TIME, so you should LOVE it, and it shouldn't be a burden. After looking at reviews when we were pregnant with Brayden, we realized that most strollers were VERY heavy, big and chunky, and would barely fit in our small trunked Civic. That's when I found the Baby Jogger City Mini. I LOVE it. It's a whopping 17 pounds and is a CHARM to fold. People always comment to me about it actually. I have the SINGLE and the DOUBLE. Yes, you spend a bit more on the stroller, but it met all of my needs in a stroller so I didn't have to buy 3-4 strollers (I have a TON of friends who did/do). If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them my way. Oh, also... Baby Jogger also makes a stroller called the City Select. It's a bit more $$ on the front end, but it converts to a double eventually, so you end up saving money in the long run. My sister just got this stroller and LOVES it.

a day in the life... said...

y'all are so fun! :)