Monday, February 20, 2012

week 22

I really need to keep up with posting my weekly updates sooner.  Saturday morning I confused myself and couldn't figure out how many weeks along we were!
Kaden weighs about a pound & is almost a foot long!!! 

Maternity Clothes? I'm not super comfortable in maternity clothes.  I love wearing dresses!  I can't wait until spring (which is basically here already) so I can wear flip flops and dresses.  I will say the maternity jeans I have on in the picture weren't too bad to wear today.  I think I filled them out a little more so they stayed up better.

Stretch Marks? nothing yet... yay!

Gender? boy.  Kaden Douglas

Movement? Kirby felt him kick last Wednesday!  He's officially a believer now!

Sleep? When I sleep... it's great, but I toss and turn a lot.  My back and hips are starting to bother me.  Any suggestions would be awesome :)

Food Cravings? nothing particular, just food in general.  I have had no food problems this pregnancy (knock on wood).  Except maybe eating too much. ;)

What I Miss?  a quick shower routine.... haha.  Sometimes I dread putting that thick, sticky lotion all over my body!

Symptoms? itchy skin.  I guess things are stretchin'!

Best Moment Last Week? The best moment was when Kirby could feel Kaden kick.  I've been wanting that to happen for a few weeks now and loved the moment when it finally happened.  I also like deciding on Kaden's bedding and starting our registry today.

Looking Forward to? getting the bedding in the mail.  Even though it probably won't be here for awhile, but I'm excited!


Jenny said...

Anna, you look great. I am enjoying following your pregnancy! I cannot remember (baby brain) if I told you I moved my blog. The new address is

Andee Layne said...

yeah love discovering other prego mama blogs! Im 35 weeks! You look great love! xo

Mateya said...

You look awesome! So fun that Kirby could feel him move now...isn't it great?!