Thursday, March 1, 2012

week 24

Baby size? Kaden is just over a pound this week. He's the size of a grapefruit or an ear of corn... depends on what website I read from.

 Maternity Clothes? still wearing a lot of regular clothes... thank goodness for dresses!

Stretch Marks? none.  I'm growing fast though, so I'm really drinking my water and putting on the lotion (sometimes 2 times a day)

Gender? boy

Movement?   Yes.  Obsessed with it now.  I don't want to miss any movement!

Sleep? I still can't complain too much, but this has been the toughest thing lately.  I started sleeping with a body pillow we had in the closet and that seems to help a little.

Food Cravings? Peanut Butter... but that's nothing different from when I wasn't pregnant.

What I Miss?  sleeping on my back

Symptoms? dry/bloody nose... growing belly... achy back.  Nothing unusual though.

Best Moment Last Week? Kaden's kicks getting stronger and stronger by the day :)  Several people have mentioned that it's the best feeling... and I'd have to agree!

Looking Forward to? Trying to take our maternity pictures this weekend.


Greer's Gossip said...

You are too cute!! I can't wait to see maternity pictures!

Mateya said...

He's growing! you look so cute! Dresses have been a lifesaver for me too!

Amanda said...

I bought a "boppy pillow" for momma's at Target when I was pregnant with Amelia. It saved my back and I slept so much better than with a regular body pillow. The pillow is found in the baby section. I still pull out at bad boy if my back is hurting me!!