Saturday, July 28, 2012

another first- WalMart

Woot! Woot!  The other day we had to go to WalMart and b.k. (before Kaden) we'd jump in the golf cart and ride over together.  Now that we have a little one, it makes the process a lot more complicated.  Sooo... after packing the diaper bag, getting the Moby wrap ready (in case of a "crying his eyes out" emergency), and mentally preparing for our first big public trip out, we headed that way... in the car, not the golf cart of course.

He wasn't too sure what to think as we walked in, but after a few confused looks and some whimpering, he closed his eyes and made the best of the bumpy, noisy ride in the cart.  Half way through the trip, some ladies in the freezer section suggested we put a blanket on him.  I knew in my head we didn't need to since we were leaving that isle soon, but I did it anyway.  He continued to sleep until we were just about to walk out (in the hot and humid temperatures... blanket still on him). He gave us just enough time to ask a random lady to take a family picture of us and then he, understandably, let loose and wouldn't stop crying wailing.  After doing everything we could to console him, he finally calmed down when we got home and took his clothes off of him to cool off.

We did however get everything on our list and he seemed to get a little snooze too.
Again... success.


Kristin said...

love this :) I'm glad his first visit to Wal-mart went well!

Amanda Todd said...

Great family picture! Glad Walmart was a success :)