Monday, July 23, 2012

Boys & bottles

Kirby is doing the last feeding of the night with a bottle and it's been going pretty well.  He really enjoys this part of the day with Kaden.

Monday, June 16th was Kaden's first bottle from Dad.  It started off great!  Dad was grinning with pride and Kaden was satisfied with his new way of eating.  We were so excited... I started taking pictures of Dad and got my phone ready to send our family a proud picture of the experience.

Then, chaos started... we decided it would be a good idea to burp him half way through, but Kaden didn't think it was that great of an idea!  He did not want to take the bottle again after that.  There was a lot of screaming/crying... then Kirby tried to change his diaper to calm him down (he enjoys that...haha).

THIS is the best part of the story... haha!  He changed his diaper and as he was letting him dry and air out we thought we should elevate the changing table pad and continue feeding him.  Just when we thought things were going good again... he has a nice big blowout!  It didn't phase him though!  He just sat comfortably and finished eating... all while his dad held his bottle, mom held the changing table pad, and he sat in his own little big mess.

Now that's a story for the girlfriends later in life!


Amanda said...

Hahahaha.... So funny!! What parents do for their babies!!! I am sure Kaden felt like a new little guy after all of that! :)

Tami said...

It's amazing how such a tiny little thing can keep you on your toes at all times!