Wednesday, July 4, 2012

birth story- part 1

I really want to have this documented so we could have it to look back on someday, but it's probably going to take a few days to actually type out the whole thing.  Soo.... I'll start today.

Wednesday, June 20th, we went to our 40 week appointment and since my body wasn't cooperating and Kaden was too comfortable inside, we scheduled a c-section for June 21st (one day after his due date).  After that appointment, we went over to pre-register at the hospital, where we were told to be at the hospital at 6:00am the next morning. 

Thursday morning, we woke up ready to welcome our son into the world!  As we got ready that morning and walked out the door, we were filled with so many emotions.  It was a weird feeling to know we would be welcoming our son into the world in about an hour. 

We pulled up and both of us got our cameras ready to document the beginning of Kaden's birthday.  A nurse actually told me later that day that she saw us with our cameras and because we were so excited and taking pictures and videos, she assumed that we were expecting our first child that day.  Imagine that...  

I checked myself in and we quickly snapped a picture before I was called back to get ready.  This is when I lost it.  I hugged Kirby goodbye and cried as I walked away from him.  Once again... so many emotions all at the same time.

Since this was my first time in a hospital (other than the time I got cotton stuck in my ear...haha) and I was scared to death and I wanted to be sure I told any hospital staff that worked with us that I was very nervous and it was my first time. I have to say, I had a "bad" experience with only one hospital staff member in the almost 3 days we were there. Every nurse was wonderful and eased my mind throughout every step of the prep, surgery, recovery, and then of course the time we spent with Kaden in our room. 

The nurse calmly put my IV in and took some vitals and then Kirby was allowed to be with me again.  He put on his awesome jumpsuit, or bunny costume, as the nurse called it (twice actually, as he put it on backwards the first time :).  Then we patiently waited for our doctor who was on his way from teaching a spinning class...haha!  We love our doctor and it didn't surprise us when he came in the room, all disheveled, but ready to "hit the shower and meet us upstairs".  We laughed at how laid back he was but it definitely helped me to be more relaxed. 

Part 2 coming soon...


Ashton Belle said...

Aww congrats, love this post and the video's! Looking forward to part 2.

Ashton from:

Amanda Todd said...

This is so neat! I can't wait to see part 2.