Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 months

Are you kidding me... 4 months old!  You are growing so quickly Kaden!

We think his eyelid is starting to look better.  Even the ladies at daycare think so too.  Yay :)

We aren't exactly sure about weight gain because we haven't been to the doctor, but Kirby held him and weighed him and we are thinking around 14lbs. 

Well most of this month, the little booger didn't like to sleep at daycare, so he was running on about 1-2 hours of sleep when we picked him up everyday.  The past week or so though, thankfully, he's started to do better.  He'll usually take one short (30-45 minutes) and one long (1-2 hour) nap.  When he gets home though, he struggles to take another nap before bedtime.  He's usually up from 3ish until 8ish!  Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. ;)

Night time is good, but it could be better.  I realized he was keeping himself awake because he was getting cold, so we started dressing him warmer.  I think we solved that problem.  He also seemed to wake up and stay awake because of the nightlight in his room, so we took that out.  After both of those changes, he seems to be sleeping longer stretches... not just consistently.  Sometimes he's hungry and sometimes I think he's just getting up by habit.  We plan on talking to the doctor about the sleep habits (at home and daycare) at his 4 month appointment at the end of the month.

He was fitting snug into a few 0-3 months for most of this month, but recently, I packed them up to give away.  No more 0-3.  As most mother's know, it really depends on the brand.  He's ranging from 3months (some being big) to 6 months (some of those fitting just right).

He's still in the size 1 diapers.  I have a feeling it won't be long until his little thighs will be needing the size 2's though.

Oh yes... lots of them!

Drinking mama's milk, and we plan on trying some cereal after his 4 month appointment.  Actually, this month has been tough in the eating department.  I'll be happy to hear if he has gained weight, because he created some bad habits.  He was/is eating a few short/small meals... but not eating more often.  Since I am nursing him in the evenings and at night, I'm not sure how much he's drinking, but after estimating, we think he's getting the minimum amount for his age.  Plus... several times a week, he'd spit up so much at daycare, they'd have to change his clothes. So we'll see what the doctor says.

*still loves talking and eye contact!

*playing peek-a-boo

*"Wheels on the Bus"- this has been our secret weapon the past few days.  For some reason, (probably my awesome singing voice) he calms down instantly when I start singing "Wheels on the Bus".  Other songs work okay, but that one works all the time.

I had to stop and think about this one.  Things have really settled down and other than being too tired or hungry, nothing really gets him upset.  He is such a happy baby.

things to remember
Oh my... there are so many to remember!  (Maybe if I did a better job blogging on a more regular basis, this section wouldn't be so full.)

Our big boy rolled over from his belly to back! (Sept. 30)  Dad ran out to get us something to eat and the little guy surprised Mama.  I quickly grabbed the camera, Ipad, phone, video camera to be sure to capture it when he did it again.  And he did... 5 more times after that. 

*click to enlarge*

It won't be long til he's rolling form back to belly, too.  He's been working on it... making it to his side several times.  He's got all the right motions... just needs to put it all together at the right time.  He's very nosey observant, so I have a feeling it won't be long. 


About a month ago, we asked the ladies at daycare to do tummy time with Kaden. With the lack of sleep he was getting at daycare, he was coming home and crashing... giving us only the weekends to work on tummy time. Since then, he's really improved. 
Now with better head control, he's been pushing his head and chest up while laying on the floor, playing in his bumbo, and very recently started playing in his jumper! 


This month he started to have different types of "talking".  He has a mad/angry talk.  He does it when he's mostly in bed.

Grabbing... Reaching... Holding everything he can!




Laurin said...

My four month old is having trouble eating/sleeping too. I wonder if its a growth spurt or something! My first child never slept so I really cannot compare!

Do you think he has reflux? Have you noticed that he spits up more after you eat a certain food? For me, I have to stay away from all tomato/tomato products otherwise we go thru multiple outfit changes, even with reflux meds!

Anonymous said...

My 4.5 month old has been fighting naps at daycare as well. I've heard this is pretty normal around this age. I hope they both start taking better naps soon!

Mateya said...

Such a cutie! I just love his hair! :)

Hayden has just now finally started napping well at daycare too, I think it just takes time!