Sunday, March 24, 2013

9 months


This has been a month full of fun!  This may be one of our favorite months... he's so happy and fun to play with!

We had about 3 (maybe 4) trips to the doctor this month.  An ear infection that never went away... but instead, got worse.  This was a tough month, but we are grateful to end it with a happy, healthy baby boy (and we sure can't say that too often).

We went back last week to see if the medication was working, and thankfully it was.  The doctor also said his top 4 teeth (I repeated it back to him, "4?!") would come through in the next 2 weeks.  Ouch!

Last doctor visit, he was 20lbs exactly.

Naps aren't great at daycare... but a little better on the weekends with us.  He usually takes 3 naps a day.  It's about 2 naps at daycare and 1 at home.  Most of the time they are 30 minutes to an hour.  Sometimes on the weekends he'll take an extra catnap. 
Still not sleeping through the night.  With him being sick, he hasn't been consistent either.  Sometimes he wakes once...and sometimes twice.  It could be at 11pm, 12:30am, 3am, and just a few times (like... only 2) he slept almost 10 hours, waking around 5:30am.  Not sure the "magic"... whatever it is... to make a baby sleep better, but we'd love to know.

He's just about done with 6 month onesies.  We are going to have to cut the feet off  buy some more jammies because the 9 months aren't fitting anymore.  For the most part, he's in 9 month bottoms, too.
size 3 diapers still (and still lots of room to grow)

Drinking about 4-5 bottles a day... between 5-7oz

He usually gobbles down his oatmeal with banana at daycare in the morning, but it's hit or miss with any other solids after that.  Shortly after he turned 8 months, he slowly started to not want purees.  He was very interested in our food, so we started to give him what was on our plate.  Nope.  Didn't want it.  A few weeks of him only eating maybe one meal of solids a day made me worry.  After talking with the ladies at daycare and some friends of mine, we are trying to figure out what to do.  Just tonight... I plopped some large curd cottage cheese on his tray with some peaches, gave him a spoon and let him go at it... turned around and we saw the spoon in his mouth and cottage cheese on his lips.  He took about 3 more big bites, too!  So maybe Mr. Independent just wanted to do everything himself.


1.splashing in the bathtub

2. everything in his mouth

4. exploring new things (a separate post on this soon)

1. not being able to communicate with us and get what he wants- and boy, does he have a temper!
2. It seems like this started near the beginning of the month, but he!  At.all!  We have to have at least 1 toy (it's better with 2... or 3) to distract him and make him happy.  And if that works, then we have to hurry up before he's up on his knees and we see his little white hiney crawling away from us.

things to remember
Big milestones this month!
1. CRAWLING- about 8.5 months
(this picture was the first time he did it- since then, he's trying to climb up everything)
3. upgraded to the BIG BOY CAR SEAT
4. meeting cousin, COREY

We love this boy so much!  Several times during the week, Kirby and I both stop and talk about how in love we are with our special boy.  He steals our heart in so many ways!

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katie ridings said...

Happy 9 months!! I love the picture with the bubbles in his hair!! Adam always plays guitar for Matthew too!! He loves the sound & always wants to touch it lol!!