Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sonic experience

They just recently opened up a Sonic in NMB and it seems to always be busy.  So after we took a relaxing nap on the beach, we figured we'd try it out.  We had never been there before so we weren't exactly sure how the whole "Sonic" thing worked, but after finally figuring it all out we enjoyed the "Brown Bag Special". 

We snapped a few pictures to capture the special moment! ;)

I'm doing okay on the challenge so far, but I'm starting to wish I picked out more than 2 pairs of shoes. 
I guess I'm going to get my money's worth out of them.


Lisa said...

In the Midwest, where I come from, there was at least one Sonic in every town. I worked at a Sonic my senior year of high school. It's something I miss a lot living here.

basebell6 said...

^^^ lisa must not know that YOU are from the midwest too! ;)

i'm glad / sad to report we did get a sonic here though. i havent tried it yet because i REFUSE! i dont want them to put swensons out of business!! :)

Lindsey said...

So what did you think about sonic? Was it everything you hoped for and more? Okay... My confession is I really just go for the drinks and occasionally a small tater tot!

Kyndal said...

In OK we were so spoiled to have a Sonic on practically every corner. Here, not so much. The closest to us is 20+ minutes away! I desperately miss their happy hours. Hope you enjoyed the experience!
Also, I love this outfit. Super cute skirt!