Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Kristin!

It was Kristin's (The Todd's) birthday today and Mrs. Markham made some delicious chocolate chocolate chip cake for her birthday celebration at school.  I hope it was a great birthday Mrs. Todd!

Okay... if you are from the NMB area, you've probably seen JC's Just Chicken. 

Kirby and I have heard a lot about it, but none of it has been too good.  So we decided to give it a try for ourselves.  Turns out (after a long detailed talk with a manager) the place was opened by a man from Canada and if it does well, he plans on opening a few more in different states.  We also learned they used to have a different chicken recipe (more spicy) and they heard a lot of people didn't care for it.  When they found this out, they changed their chicken recipe (now it's not as spicy) and gave out coupons for people to come back in and try the new stuff. 

Well... it satisfied my bottomless pit husband!  I'm sure we'll be back in the near future.


Amanda said...

I went with a friend of mine when it opened, I liked it. I might have to retry it :)

Hope you had a good day back!

The Matthews Family said...

Curtis took Ethan and he loved it. But you know he is like Mikey, he'll eat anything! I haven't tried it yet!

Sarah Ann said...

My husband almost likes ANYTHING food-wise. Especially something like fried chicken :)