Thursday, April 21, 2011

OBX camping trip

I was going to tell a bunch of stories about our trip, but I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves instead (for the most part anyway).  **Okay, now that I'm finished, looking back over the post, I didn't really let the pictures speak for themselves.  I didn't tell you all the details though... so you're lucky! ;)

The tornado destruction we drove through in North Carolina.

Headin' over the bridge... 

 Settin' up shop

The view of our "home" from the dunes

Kirby wanted to take duct tape with us and I questioned it as we were packing.  He was right though... he ripped his fingernail off his finger a bit after only being there for about an hour.  We didn't have any band aids, so he made one with a paper towel and duct tape.  Good ol' duct tape!  

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets! 

Serendipity House from the movie Nights in Rodanthe.  This house was used in the movie and eventually it needed to be moved because the ocean water was washing up onto the house.  It was interesting to get to see the house.  Click here to see it before it was moved or here to see the house being moved to it's new place.

 We were in such a secluded area with very few stores, restaurants, or anything for that matter.  But good ol' Walmart pulled through for us when we needed to get an air mattress.  We tried sleeping on camping mats the first night and well... lets just say we didn't get much sleep.  So we decided to get an air mattress.  Walmart was 45 miles from where we were staying, but it was worth the drive! 

Jockey's Ridge is the tallest active sand dune system in the Eastern United States.  We had a good time exploring these huge mounds of sand... and got a lot of exercise and sun while doing it.  Click here to learn more!

They had pay loaders on the main highway near us to remove the sand off the roads.  It was almost like the north's snow removal system.   

Having some fun at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse!

On our way home from Hatteras, we stumbled upon Burger Burger.  We had been craving a little dive place that had good burgers and this definitely hit the spot.  

It was a fun camping experience... and yes, we'd do it again!


Amanda said...

The view was gorgeous!! I would have loved waking up to it! Glad y'all had a great time :)

BTW-I am impressed with Kirby's duct tape bandaid. I never would have thought of that!

Barbara said...

Glad you had fun! OBX is a great place! Rick & I were happy to be there for the "re-lighting" of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse "many moons ago". We haven't been back in years.

Kyndal said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I see OBX stickers on cars here all the time; it seems to be a really popular place to vacation. Looks beautiful!