Saturday, November 12, 2011

week 8

This is a few days late and you don't see any difference, but I still wanted to post it for our records.

How far along? 8 weeks in this picture

Size of Baby? 5/8 of an inch long

Maternity Clothes? I'm not wearing any yet but Jane bought me my first 2 maternity shirts.

Weight Gain? still not sure

Stretch Marks? no... I'm not sure if it's even possible yet, but I feel like my skin is doing something because it seems to itch.
Gender? no gender yet, but we've got names though.  I'll probably post about the names in a few weeks.

Movement? no, but some of my friends from school have recently felt some movement.... it makes me even more excited for it to happen to me!

Sleep? Several trips to the bathroom and switching from left side to right side makes for a choppy night of sleep.
Food Cravings? bad food... but I guess that hasn't changed from when I wasn't pregnant... haha ;)

What I Miss? sometimes soda

Symptoms? sleepiness for sure.  Just last weekend I started to get some morning sickness, but I'm not throwing up so I'm thankful for that.

Best Moment Last Week? DEFINITELY hearing/seeing the heartbeat!

Looking Forward to? our appointment on Wednesday... I hope we get to see the baby again


Emily said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Wonderful news!

Kat said...

The first time I heard the heartbeat I cried!