Wednesday, November 16, 2011

week 9

How far along? 9 weeks- almost double digits!

Size of Baby? an olive

Maternity Clothes? Nope.  My clothes are getting tighter though... I wore leggings today and it felt so much better!

Weight Gain? I should have found out today, but the doctor had an emergency so our appointment was canceled.

Stretch Marks? no :)

Gender? boy?? girl??  My friend, Gina, said she had a dream we had a boy.  We'll see???


Movement? too soon, but can't wait!

Sleep? still getting up to go to the bathroom, but sleeping better in between

Food Cravings? still bad food...

What I Miss? nothing really

Symptoms? tired and a little morning sickness still, but nothing I'd complain about!

Best Moment Last Week? getting another week closer to showing.  Come on, doesn't every first time pregnant lady want to show ;)

Looking Forward to? our appointment we rescheduled for next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.


Jenny said...

Anna, you are so cute! I am so happy for you guys!

Linds said...

so cute! And I loved getting to the point where I showed and it was evident I was pregnant. Those first couple of weeks i just felt FAT. haha!

Tami said...

It's so hard those first weeks when you're waiting to show. I don't think my belly really popped until about week 20. Before that I just looked chubby. :) You are looking great and I can't wait to find out what you are having!!

Julee said...

Congrats girl!! Thanks for commenting on my nursery post today! Can't wait to follow your journey!

Kat said...

Isn't it funny how this is probably the only time when you'll get excited and eager to have your clothes feel like they're just too small? :)