Saturday, January 14, 2012

King, party of 6

Do you like the Christmas gift Kirby and I got each other?!

We've been on the hunt for about 3 years for a dark, square, modern, pub-style table, and during Christmas break we finally found it!

We found it at this little gem of a store....Seaboard Furniture & Mattress Liquidation.  We highly recommend this place as the owner was very helpful, prices were great, and they were easy to work with.  They can pretty much get you whatever you want from tons of catalogs from many different vendors at wholesale prices.  They do not have much in the way of a showroom and the place looks rather messy.  However, if you see something you like elsewhere, or even online, give this place a try as they would probably be able to get you the exact same thing or something nearly identical for way less. The same basic table we got was about $600 less than what we saw anywhere else.  The price the salesman gave us after he looked it up was great to begin with (one we would have gladly paid), but being the negotiator he is, Kirby held a good "poker face" and still got the guy to drop about $150 more.
Another great thing about this place is they work on a referral system.  If you refer 2 or more people to them and they buy something (regardless of price) from their store, you'll get something in return.  We were told if we get four people to go in and buy something (anything) they'll give us 2 additional chairs at no cost.  So, if anyone local is looking for any type of furniture please let us know so we can give you one of their business cards with our name on it for the referral.

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kimmie said...

Love the table! Thank You for all your sweet comments on my blog!