Thursday, January 19, 2012

mom & dad

This is another way we announced to our school families that we are having a boy. 

Right after the appointment on Tuesday, we went to pick up the cupcake at The Southern Cupcake Company.  On our drive there, we stayed busy on the phone with parents, grandparents and made lots of text messages to more family and friends.  We celebrated the news of our baby boy at Carrabbbas afterwards.  It was nice to sit down together and try to let it sink in that we are going to parents of a baby boy!  As we stuffed our faces, I suggested we make t-shirts that said "mom" and "dad" to wear to school the next day.  Kirby agreed and so the rest of the night Kirby had his hands full.  He helped make the t-shrits and worked on the video until about 1:00am while I crashed on the couch. ;)

Thank you for all the nice comments on our previous post.
We are so excited and can't wait to meet Kaden Douglas in June.


The Matthews Family said...

Love the shirts! You guys are great at designing t-shirts. Let me know when you go into business! By the way, get used to seeing LOTS of BLUE!!!

Kristen Alexis said...

Congrats! I just saw the below post and so happy for you guys! Kaden is such a cute name!! How'd you come up with Kaden Douglas? Can't wait to see more pics of your journey! :)