Tuesday, January 31, 2012

week 19

Maternity Clothes? went shopping last weekend for a few maternity work pants, but other than those and 2 pair of jeans, nothing else.

Stretch Marks? no :)

Gender? our boy Kaden

Movement? still nothing yet, but I'm sure he's moving all around in there

Sleep? sleep has been as good as it gets right now... I can't complain

Food Cravings? I've been wanting Cool Ranch Doritos again... probably not pregnancy related though
What I Miss? can't think of anything

Symptoms? similar to last week

Best Moment Last Week? shopping for Kaden :)

Looking Forward to? being at the half way point.  Not because I want this to be over though... I'm completely loving and embracing being pregnant!


Linds said...

what a cute little bump! I couldn't even tell you had one until the close up picture! I bet you'll feel movement soon-- it's harder to tell during your first pregnancy. The movement is my FAVE part about being pregnant :)

Rachel said...

Lookin' good momma!!! Xoxo

Mateya said...

I'm sure you'll be feeling movement anytime's sooo cool! :)

Love that dress you're wearing! So cute!

basebell6 said...

happy 19 weeks!! you are a cute pregnant lady!! :) i felt the baby move at 21 weeks; i felt like EVERYBODY had felt it earlier. anyday now for you!

Tami said...

I LOVE your dress! You look so great. I hope you feel those movements soon! You are going to absolutely love it.