Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kaden's first concert

So, last Saturday we took Kaden to his "first concert" in Greensboro, NC, to see his dad's favorite band, Van Halen.  Kirby and I saw them there back in 2007, as well.  The evening didn't go exactly as we thought it would, but we still had fun.  Kirby specifically bought tickets to be on Eddie Van Halen's side of the stage.  Bad thing was, there were huge speakers right in front of our seats.  Despite our doctor telling us going to the concert was perfectly OK for Kaden, Kirby and I were a little concerned with the volume during opening act, Kool and the Gang.  Yes, you read that right, Kool and the Gang opened for Van Halen.  Kirby suggested we move to some empty seats in the very back of the coliseum.  The volume level was much better there.  However, when Van Halen took the stage, it got extremely loud.  After listening to the first song or two, Kirby got worried again for Kaden, so we ended up watching most of the show from behind the entrance curtain in the hallway.  Like our doctor said, and from the research we did online, we would have probably been fine, but we both couldn't help but think how the prolonged loudness could have possibly scared our little guy had we stayed at our seats.      

Dinner at Darryl's Wood Fired Grill

Where I thought I'd be making many trips

Kool and the Gang

Wayyyyyyyyyy in the back


Safest viewing area in the house

Kirby filming Eddie's solo

Eddie's solo

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